Birthday in San Diego—May 2015

02 May

20150501_181111We headed off to San Diego at 730 a.m. to help Marisa celebrate her 37th birthday.  Libby loaded the car with her upside down pineapple birthday cake.  Quick breakfast from McD’s and in 2 hours and 49 minutes we made the 179 miles comfortably with 35 mpg on the Honda CRV.  Gas is close to $4.00 a gallon again here in Cali for no good reason other than the state loves the taxes and oil company loves the profit.  Dangerous partnership for the consumer. 

It was 84 degrees here in San Diego and we had a bite for lunch at Boudin Bread Deli.  Great food.  Nap, the kids got home from work and then Risa’s birthday dinner at the “Great Maple.” 

Quiet evening visiting and to bed.

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