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Interstate 10…Escape From Califoria

They are easy to spot on Hiway 10.  A rental truck pulling an older model car is leading with a newer car with a woman driving and at least one kid’s seat following.  Of course they both sport California plate.  The woman is hunched over the wheel trying to handle the kid(s) and stay behind her husband.  A steady growing stream of people are leaving Cali with all of their belongings and heading for good jobs in Texas that they can’t find in California.  They are also leaving the $4.00 gallon of gas for the $2.06 gallon gas in Texas.  They drive day and night because they can’t afford motels.

Their places are being filled with people who like shadows are coming across the board looking for work but know about welfare, food stamps and tax free under the table work.

We drove 525 miles today from Benson, Arizona to Fort Stockton, Tx.  The restaurant’s and hotels in West Texas are full to the gills with workers that are putting in solar fields, drilling oil wells and putting in gas pipelines.  Every store has a help wanted sign.  Things are booming here.

Add to that, west Texas is green.  A big rain storm came through  and the hills and plains are loaded with grass and plants.  They are moving cattle into the area as well.

Great trip but tired.  Lost two hours…pacific to central time.

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Gas Prices…Cali $4.36; Arizona $2.15

Just filled up with gas in Tucson for $2.15.  CALI GAS SUCKS.  Waiting for my meal at Cracker Barrel. 

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Needles, CA


$4.00 gas! 100 degrees, Dennies top restaurant.   LOL

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Leaving in 10 Minutes


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Driving, New Orleans and Basketball Stars–Day -2

We are packing for a 14 day, 5000 mile driving trip.  Like most of our trips, we plan a multi-faceted goals and this trip will include;

  1. Visiting one of our favorite food cities, New Orleans.
  2. Seeing new town/cities that we have never seen.  San Angelo, Laredo in Texas and Springfield in Missouri.  Why these three cities?  To visit four of our current and former basketball stars from Antelope Valley College.       Shelton Boykin, Angelo State University, Tim Gilmore, Texas A&M International,  Jacobe Shannon, BA, Working Man   Luccianano Gamiz, Drury University.
Packing is well under way.  The car is ready.  Getting excited love traveling.
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