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Planning For the 40th Anniversary Trip

Forty years, wow!  What does someone do to celebrate your 40th?  How about take the kids, grand kids to one of the most beautiful places in the world…High Serra’s?  Yep, we have rented a five bedroom house and all nine of us will be celebrating in the woods.

Hiking, fishing, visiting and even Lake Tahoe and maybe even the casino’s.  More later. 

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San Diego Close Up

Staying in San Diego on the ground less than two miles from the ocean, a mile from Sea World and a mile from U of San Diego.  They call it Mission Valley. 

It all looks wonderful from your car as you drive through, the temperature is 67 at 6 a.m. in the morning and a half day of sea overcast and and the rest of the day partly cloudy.  Probably the best weather year round in the United States. 

When you head out of you’re apartment for your morning walk in the very very quiet Sunday morning, it is fascinating what you see.  Walking up the very steep hill heading to USD in the residential area you run into 12 San Diego PD setting up a perimeter looking to make an arrest.  Moved past there quickly.

Down the hill to Rose’s Donut shop…best breakfast sandwiches in San Diego.  Gotta dodge the homeless who are just coming out of their corners.  Just read 9000 homeless in San Diego.  Great weather, free food and support. 

Heading for the Rock Church and then lunch at the “Pomadoro” Italian restaurant.  Happy Birthday Risa.

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San Diego Trip II, 2016

We are heading south again to San Diego to visit our kids….the occasion is our daughter Marisa’s 38th birthday. 

The drive down here, 182 miles, took us only two hours and 45 minutes.  Great trip with decent traffic. 

We arrived at their home and of course they were still working and we got a bite to eat at the Waffle Spot.  We then enjoyed a nap and visited with the kids.  Then off to with the Bajenski family to a new restaurant that served Pho…Pho Kitchen.

Up early , breakfast and a walk.  We headed off to do some shopping.  A big town like this has just about everything one could imagine. 

20160430_121850We decided to have lunch at a Korean Restaurant that is a favorite of Marisa.  The name is “Friends Kitchen.”  Wow was it good!

Then of course Marisa using the excuse of birthday dragged us to a all dessert restaurant called UptoU.  Really good and oh yes calories.  We have had enough to eat for the rest of the day. 

Nap done and now watching Jurassic World with Alex.  Oh yes, long walk to burn off some calories.    Great couple of days.  Happy Birthday dear Risa. 

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