A Week of Celebration of 40 Years of Marriage…in the Gold County of the High Sierra’s

08 Jun

When Libby and I got married 40 years ago, we certainly were not planning what we were going to be doing to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Over the 40 years we both had great careers, had two kids, three grand kids and traveled the world.  The kids are self-sufficient and are looking like they are going to fare even better then us in their careers and grand kids are doing great in school. 

When we approached the big 40th wondered what should we do to celebrate?  There was no question the celebration would revolve around the family as we found over 40 years that that was by far the most important to us.  But where, when and how could we get everyone together?  How about a week in Disneyworld or Disneyland?  Grand kids would love it.  How about renting a flat in London/Paris/Barcelona and enjoy ourselves with the European way of life?  What did you say the airfare was and have you ever flown with a 5 year old for 11 hours?

To make a long story short, we rented a 5 bed room house deep in California’s High Sierra mountains and the “gold country.”  Only a 7 hour drive and an addition plus, it is very close to Libby’s sister and her husband and an hour from a very close friend who lives there too. 

Everyone enthusiastically agreed and we all arrived yesterday ready to spend a week together.  Stay in touch with us on the blog and  see what a week long celebration of 40 years of marriage is like.

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