Top of the Mountain

11 Jun

The foothills of the west side of the California Sierra mountain range are known for two kinds of hill tops;  the hills covered huge pines and huge hills covered with California Oaks and tan grasses.


Our rental house is on the pine covered hills climbing into the Sierras and the friend we visited yesterday is situated on the very top of a hilltop with a 360 degree view of the world.  Of course we got lost even with our GPS and phone Google 20160610_131250maps…entered the address wrong so couldn’t blame technology.

When we got there, it was unbelievable!  Total silence except for the wind blowing through the oaks.

Bear, bob cats, mountain lions, deer, snakes, california condors etc etc.  A world of wildlife and views of the those living below you.

Nineteen acres, a couple of tractors, storage sheds an near new beautiful home that blends in with the hillside and built to be environmental friendly.  You need a couple of big dogs and a handgun and long gun to be safe.

A long reminiscence of past decade over grilled chicken and fresh veggies.  Life is good. 


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Posted by on June 11, 2016 in California



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