Austria 2016 Day 2, 3

15 Sep

As I write this, I am sitting out on our balcony as the sun slowly sinks in the west.  Lets start with Day 2, Wednesday an then on to Day 3,

September 14, 2016 DAY 2, Wednesday

We landed at the Frankfurt Airport on time…1130…and started through a miserable 90 minutes of security lines.  The security was horrendous.  We nearly missed our flight because of it.  I am not saying they shouldn’t have security as they let over a million middle eastern people in their country in the past year..  Germany knows they have let in at least a 1000 or more vicious terrorists who want to blow up as many planes and people as possible so guess who play the price?

Our contact from Untours, Vera, was waiting for us when we landed in the tiny Salzburg airport after our 40 minute flight.  The weather was hot 82 and humid, 80% and she drove the 30 minutes to our apartment in Golling.

We had 3 hours of sleep total in the 24 hours of travel from home to Golling so you can imagine that we had jet lag when we arrived at 3 p.m..  We stay up till 6 p.m. after we walked to small grocery store to get some dinner(supper) and we knockwurst, potatoes and a fresh apple strudel cooked for us by our landlady who baked it for.  Then to bed.  Slept 11 hours till 5 a.m.. In and out of course.  Typical travel day to Europe.

September 15, 2016, Day 3,  Thursday

The weather was clear and windy when we got up.  We had leisurely breakfast of cereal and cheese/cold cuts and apples.  We were picked up by Vera again and we went to her house  where she gave us coffee and a about 90 minutes things to do while we were in Austria;  Very helpful.

We then walked to the train station about 1/3 of a mile from our apartment and missed a couple of trains because we didn’t quite understand which track we should be on.  We finally asked a young fellow who helped us out.  25 minutes later we were in Salzburg.  We grabbed a sandwich to eat for lunch and explored the train station and did some more grocery shopping.


The train back to Golling, 85 degrees, packed away groceries and took a well deserved 2 hours nap.  I made a pasta dinner with fresh bread and mushrooms and finished up the Apple Strudel.  Cleaned up  and are getting sleepy.  Rain expected the next 7 days.  Clouds coming in. 

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