Days, 4, 5, 6 Fri–Sun…Austria 2016

18 Sep

Friday, 16 September 2016, Day 4

IMG_0241This was an errand day.  We hopped on the train for the first time for Salzburg.  We needed to get our train pass stamped and do some grocery shopping.

The train station also houses the largest “super market” had lots of pre-cooked food which in not available in most food stores. 

Train ride hot…no air conditioning… other wise comfortable.

Back home and resting.

Saturday, 17 September 2016, Day 5

The sky opened up with rain and our well planned rain gear and umbrella’s really came in handy.  Forget the rain we said, we are heading to Salzburg to start our look at the famous old town.


This is Libby walking to the rail station.  We toured Mirabell park where the Catholic Bishop built for his Jewish mistress and their 11 kids a huge mansion.  Took photos of the fountain where part of the “Sound of Music” was filmed. 


We ate at a great restaurant on the Salz River.IMG_0264

We headed home by train, full cars, many refugees with lots of very loud and active kids. 

Good to get home and relax.  Quiet evening listing to the rain fall outside and we slept well.


Sunday, 18 Sunday 2016, Day 5

When you stay in a Austrian Village you are “expected to know” things.  Very few street signs, you are supposed to know they changed church service time an of course are no hours posted for any restaurants.  We  were late for church and it took awhile to find our our first dinner restaurant opened at 5 pm.  Great Wiener Schwein schnizal and  Mixed Grill including 5 kinds of meat.  Great meals but way to much. 


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