Austria 2016, Day 9, Wednesday, Sept. 21

21 Sep


We are only half way on our 17,352 steps, 7.68 mile walk for the day. That castle fortress called Castle Hohensalzburg on top of the high hill was our goal today.  To and from the train station was just over 5 miles and it was well worth it. 

We left about 9 a.m. by train from Golling our home village to IMG_0383Salzburg and arrived by 9:50 a.m..  Little did we remember that it was the beginning of one of the biggest religious festivals, St Rupert’s Week.  Bells were tolling in all of the 25 catholic churches in Salzburg at 12 noon to kick off the celebrations.  100’s of booths selling every kind of food, souvenir and drink was being set up as were trudging our 5 miles today.  People were pouring in from all of over the country-side.


We toured the Dom Cathedral that was built in 1614.


We battled through the St. Rupurt’s crowds and headed up the Cog Rail cars 60 degrees up to the top of the fortress wall.


We toured the castle and then had to have a leisurely cup of coffee and a dessert before our long 2 1/2 mile walk to back to the train station. 


Home by train.  Deep refreshing nap and Chinese food in Austria.  It was an experience.  

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