Austria 2016, Days 10, 11, Thursday, Friday

23 Sep

I am sitting on our houses’ veranda looking at the world of Golling, Austria.  Surrounded on all sides by the Alps now partially covered by the clouds.  To the left our hillside is covered by roving chickens busily eating insects .  About a 100 yards beyond the busy state highway, 2 lane, LOL where the cars and commence  of this area flows. The last butterflies of the year are busily looking for nectar before the first hard freeze hits here in the next week ore two.  If there is a paradise, I think we have found it.  Following is the a resume of the past two days activity.

Day 11, Friday, A Day of Rest and Errands

We had quite a day yesterday as you will see and we really needed today.  Up about 6 a.m. 10 hours of sleep.  Made breakfast and then cleaned up the kitchen and did a garbage run to the garage where the cans are kept.  Our landlady who lives below us came down and made sure we had all of the sorting done right…close but no cigar…they are really fussy about that stuff here.

20160923_123722Went grocery shopping, a 1/2 mile walk on what could be our last trip there.  They are getting to know us.  You have to be very organized about food in an Austrian Village as every store including restaurants close at 7 p.m. and Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.  Forgot to go shopping?  You starve.

We then headed down town, another 1/2 mile the opposite way for banking, miscellaneous and lunch at a restaurant in a hotel that opened in 1350.  Oh the20160923_121032 stories this place could stay if it could talk.  We each had a bowl of soup and bread for lunch. Oh yes, a small beer as well…mandatory in Austria.

We re-learned a lot here again on this trip.  Why Europeans are so thin is because they eat basically the same kind of food we do in the USA but the portion is so much smaller and they walk a minimum of 5 miles a day every day!  We walked up to nearly nine miles the other day.  Oh yes, we stopped on the way home for a gelato cone on the way home to balance off the very health meal.  Very small but oh so good. 

We then took a two hour nap and now are having a cup of tea.  Such a good life. 

A quiet evening tonight and then the longest day of the trip coming up. 

Day 10, Thursday, Lost in the Austrian Alps


We headed off at 9 a.m. for an hour and 1/2 long train trip through some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, the Alps, to a world renown lake and skiing center in the world, Zell Am See.  The play ground of the millionaires…the t0wn was IMG_0421 (2)full of middle eastern families who had their vacation villas there.

We cruised the lake and sat in the high mountain sunshine sharing a sweet and drinking lattes and cappuccino’s.  We didn’t filled in with the oil millionaires but we enjoy it for an hour or so.  T

They flew in with their helicopters and we boarded our train…and promptly got lost!  We missed our connection and headed down the wrong valley an it took us two hours to get turned around, thanks to the Austrian train riders who spoke enough English along with our minimal German to get on our way back home.  A long day.

Maybe it was a payback for the cruise we took on a yacht with the oil magnates. 


They let us aboard, for a price of course.  An eventful day. 

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