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Heading Home

Sitting in the airport in Minneapolis waiting for the “Bird” to take me home.  Had a great Dad’s 99th birthday party yesterday with lots family and friends.  This is my Dad with his three son’s and daughter, the kids.  All retired  for years but one. 

The 110 mile drive to the airport in the dark and fog was fun.  Car was covered with ice at 29 degrees.  Not much other than here comes Basketball in a few days.

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Minnesota, October 2016, Dad’s 99 the Birthday, Day 1,2

Day 1 Thursday

Four hours. That is what is needed to get from Palmdale to LAX..  Car to bus, bus to the airport then check-in.  Slow hard drive and bus ride. 

The plane ride was very comfortable but must have been 40 infants and toddler’s who were not happy flying and at times were making everyone around them unhappy flying as well.

Nice pick up of luggage and rental care and drove down to my hotel where brother David was waiting for my arrival.  Drove to the Perkin’s and met Kim and her four children for a late dinner.  Good food and company.

Back the hotel and crashed and slept very well.

Day 2 Friday

Good breakfast and headed off to Clara City and made the 107 mile drive in 2 hours and 7 minutes.  Took highway 7. Got to Clara City and ordered 8 dozen of buns and had lunch at the café.

Spent the afternoon with Dad, visited Aunt Ruth and then Deb and Roger brought a delicious supper over to Dad’s.  We then played a couple of hours cards.  Debbie beat us all. 


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Third Trip in Two Month…Minnesota Dad’s 99th

Leaving tomorrow for 5 days to Minnesota for Dad’s 99th Birthday.  Packing nearly done.  Gotta put in some cold weather clothes.

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Happy Birthday Tiny Tiny…One Year Old



This is what one year of love and good food can do for a nearly dead abandoned kitten.  4.7 ounces to 7’5” pound happy joyful cat!

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San Diego Trip 3, October 8-11, 2016

20161009_072648Home for less than two weeks and we were out on the road again.  I believe it is our third trip to San Diego this year to visit Risa, Luke and Alex.  This time it was to see their new condo that they purchase right in the middle of everything San Diego that they love.  Their work, their surfing and their weather. 

We went out to eat, surfing and when to Luke’s church.  Huge Sunday crowd. 

The trip to and from was good.  Short trip Saturday to Tuesday but our cats were waiting for us as we had just gotten back from a 15 day trip to Austria. 

Won’t be long now till they come to the Antelope Valley for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


Great trip. 

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Austria 2016, Day 14,15 Tuesday, Wednesday, Heading Home

Another rest and relaxation day….when we travel to Europe we usually do a 14+ day…so we get that R and R day every third day. 

Got up about 7 a.m. and had a celebration that the Dodgers won their fourth straight Division championship.  Jeff and Alexis were at the game before that when the Dodgers won 14-1.  Lucky guys.

20160925_022611We worked around here, started doing some packing and then we took our walk to downtown Golling.  First stop, craft store with wood gifts.  The bakery, toy store, and then to one of our favorite café.  We had goulash soup with fresh bread finished of with cone of gelato.  Life is good.

Then the most important thing of the day a two hour nap.  We were going to make some pasta with fresh tomatoes, yellow peppers and sausage tonight but our Untour Coordinator, Vera called to take us out for dinner tonight instead of lunch tomorrow at Golling’s waterfall.  We’re flexible.  More on that later. 

Just got back from the grocery store…about 15 minute walk each way…for the really last visit of our stay.  We have walked 4 to 8 miles per day even on our R and R day.  We both agree that we have lost at least 5 pounds each.  I’ve had to chinch up my belt to the tightest notch.  Not complaining. 

cowsIt must be milking time.  The dairy next door just had their small herd of cows…20 or so…head into the barn.  The half grown calves, separated from the herd…are bellowing for their mothers as they come in from the pasture.  It’s a morning and night routine.  A very nice final full day in Austria.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Great flight home.  Did have a young man experience a Gran Mal seizure.  For awhile we thought we might have to land in Canada for medical care but he came out of it well.

Good to be home after a great trip.







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