2017 Travel Started Too Fast For Us!

19 Mar

I must catch up on our traveling this year.  Basketball traveling started so fast that one didn’t have any time for planning.  Lets start with January and three days in Haywood, California.

January 2017

Haywood, CA

I drove by myself up to Chabot College in Haywood, California about 360 miles each way.  Some rain, the team won two of three games but lost the tournament.  Worst of all I picked up a “bug.”  Not a great trip.

San Diego, CA

We drove down to visit the kids and watch the Mira Costa basketball tournament.  We did great at the tournament, won it all, but I just got sicker and sicker.  Got home and after about 6 doctor’s visits, things started to improve.

February, 2017

I recuperated  and  got my strength back and then came more basketball travel in March.  P.S.  Never did figure out what was wrong with me but self diagnosis was meningitis.

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