Cross Country Visit of Three Generations of Family War Vets

28 Apr

Today is the start of a long week-end together for three generations of men in our family.  Three men;  The grandson mid-30’s, a police officer, the son early –70’s retired and the father, 99 years old patriarch of the family.

fredWhether we admit to it or not, we three have much in common.  We all are Army war vets.  Second World War for Dad, combat medic for 4 years in the European Theater,

mel reserves head shot Nine years(2 years active duty and 7 active reserves) in the Medical Corp.  One year in Viet Nam for me. 

Jeff alone in iraqThe grandson spent four years as a combat warrior, two year in Iraq, with expertise in weapons and very much at home in unit’s armory as combat patrols.

We are all proud of our sacrifice for our country even though we all shake our heads at what goes on in our country today.  We all agree that we all fought for their freedom to “act the fool.”  LOL

We all are strong minded, family oriented, believe in common sense and hard work.

With that as background, the son and grandson will be leaving southern California today, boarding a plane to Minneapolis, renting a car and driving 100 miles on two lane highway’s to a farm town in west central Minnesota to spend a couple of days with Dad at the nursing home where he now stays. 

Turning 100 years old soon, his mind is as sharp as ever but he requires help with physical functions that most centenarian’s need.  He loves to play cards and is looking to beating his son and grandson in rummy!

Stay with us on our journey. 


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