Day 3, Sinking of the Titanic

16 Jun

June 15, 2017

Day Three…The Sinking of the Titanic

It was a relatively short driving day….508 miles…through a flat green beautiful state called Nebraska. The Platte River was full of water roaring down from the Rockies. Lots of beef on the hoof who look very happy in the tall grass.

The temperature made it up to 94 degrees and I smiled every time I filled with gas at $2.08 at least a third less than good ol’ Cali and their great taxes. Eating out is about 40% cheaper in mid-America than home. Nice traveling.

We made it to Sioux City, Iowa and were excited that we were heading to a great Italian Restaurant called “Tattoria Fresco” one of Iowa’s top places.

We drove to down town and what a mess; construction every where. We found the restaurant and headed in and we received a kinda strange look in our tee shirts and shorts. The young man said, “Are you here for Titanic Night?” Our response was “What.” Well, the Titanic Night was when you get very dressed up in a Tux and Long Dress and eat the 10 course meal the passengers had the night the ship went down. Only $50.00 per person. No room for under dressing California tourists.

Sounded like great fun but we were not quite dressed for the occasion so we ended up in the Olive Garden where I got a glass of wine to help me get over missing the 10 course meal.

An experience like above is why we love to travel. You never know what you may run into next.

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