Days 6, 7…Leaving Dad and to the Lake

20 Jun

It was a quiet Sunday as we went to Church at St. Clara’s and did family visiting and enjoyed our last day with Dad. It was hard to say goodbye to him but we will be back in November for his 100th Birthday.

The drive up to the lake was interesting as we passed through a tiny village of 304 souls called Deer Creek and guess what we saw…a couple of yearling deer who were looking to run across the highway. They looked to be in prime condition. We hit a little bit of rain on the 154 mile drive.

We checked into our hotel and found out some things about food costs in the town of Perham, Minnesota(1356 altitude). We purchased two small California melons…cantaloupe and honey dew…$4.99 each…we purchased the same two in California for 0.99 cents each. Ouch. We then stopped at a new restaurant in town for lunch for two and it was $22.00 for a 1/2 sandwich and soup each. It was a “Locally Sourced” and “Artisan” and those few words add about 40% in cost in any restaurant. Again, ouch!

We arrived at Dead Lake where we have vacationed since I was 8 years old…66 years total. We visited family and had great food and conversations. Joel was fishing off the dock with the kids and swears the fish they were catching were being caught on chili cheese Fritos chips. Some in the crowd were disbelievers as he seemed to be hiding the worm container.

Libby really enjoyed holding the newest family member from Eathan and Laura. Kenna is a cutie! Great discussion’s and catching up on all of the family news like the Dulas boys are headed to the state tournament for the tractor pull competition. We are looking forward to the next three days at the Lake.

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