Let the Sunrise Sooth the Soul

04 Aug

SunriseWhen you reach our age and the phone rings at 4 A.M., you wake up with a jerk and a feeling of dread.  You don’t recognize voice on the other end immediately but when you do, you know that the news is not good.  Someone very close in your family has died.  Add to that, the person that passed away is younger that you and the death was unexpected.  After the reality of what has occurred sinks in, you think about your relationship with the now missing family member.  Sometimes those thoughts come back for a long time to be mulled over again and again and for some.  For others,, the relationship was very clear even while living and the mulling is not necessary.

What certainly does come up for everyone is thoughts of your own mortality. Do you have everything prepared for your death to help your kids, grandkids and your friends?  Yes you do,  or nope I need to start working on this immediately.  That is the easy part.  The most difficult part is thinking about how much time you have left.  Its easier for those who have a deep faith that everything is taken care of with their relationship with God.

Not matter where one stands, I believe that finding time to sit quietly in your favorite place and watch the sun come up is a way to sooth one’s soul.  My favorite place is my back garden which is loaded with life this time of the year.  Fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds and the neighborhood cats making their early morning rounds .

The slow change of light from dark to light, the soft cool breeze and the beauty of it all  is a reminder that this celebration of life is available to you every day if you just take the time to enjoy.    It also is a good time to say goodbye to your recently departed .

The sun is up and my soul is soothed and its time do what needs to be done.  A time to plan and move on.


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