Day 1, Visit to Kona, Big Island Hawaii

10 Aug

The ocean just outside our hotel room is a mix of pink and blue as the sun is coming up behind us.  We are watching the world in the central pacific ocean slowly awake.

We are not here on vacation.  We are here to say goodbye to Libby’s brother who died unexpectedly here in Hawaii.  He had been ill for some time but it still came as a surprise when your younger siblings leave this world before you do.

20170809_083733.jpgWe arrived on our flight on time and until the wheels touched down…if that is what you call it…the plane bounced HARD and the fish-tailed  slamming on the brakes.  Kids were screaming and  the flight attendants were strapped in and had pasted on smiles on their faces.  The pilot got the big bird under control and stopped right near the end of the short runway which ended in the Pacific.  The Big Island just said “Aloha” to us.

Got our rental car.  Took the long slow drive to Kona and our hotel and checked into our hotel and then spent three hours with family and friends saying good-bye to Libby’s brother.  It was a sad but so good to all get together again.  20170810_060112.jpg

We slept 10 hours last night, falling asleep to the sound of the waves,  as we were exhausted.  We have that mixed feelings of sadness for our loss of a brother, happiness that he had 20+ years in such a beautiful place and a thankfulness that we can be here in such a beautiful place with his family.


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One response to “Day 1, Visit to Kona, Big Island Hawaii

  1. crosscountrylifeblog

    August 17, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    I’m very sorry about your lost…


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