Day 2, Kona Hawaii, A No Car Day

12 Aug

Ten hours of deep sleep!  We were beat from out long trip from the mainland, getting settled in hotel, spending three hours with family and saying goodbye to Libby’s brother.  Also no time for our nap.

We decided it was our day to walk the miles of beach where  we are located and explore the local area and then meet with the family for dinner about a mile from our hotel.


We started out with a spectacular breakfast buffet which we added to our hotel package.  So much food and so little ability to eat it all.  Lots of American/Japanese food.  No ice sculpture or huge piles of crab legs, lobster tail or jumbo shrimp like we have had here before  but a great way to start the day.  Of course the breakfast buffet isn’t costing $75 per person either. LOL.

The ocean in front of our hotel was loaded with 27 snorkeling boats and a very active pod of dolphins who thought all of the attention they were getting was great fun.

We then did a two and half mile walk along the beach and enjoy a myriad of things including some homeless.  Mental illness, drug use, great weather and funding for non-profits who support the homeless make the problem a non-problem or an unsolvable issue.

We enjoyed our walk around the St. Michael the Arch Angel Catholic Church.  Peaceful, beautiful and very Hawaiian.  We will be attending mass there on Saturday evening.

St Mickeal Church HawaiiOn the way home we stopped at our favorite ABC store…one stop shopping for everything Hawaii including our very lite lunch.     Oh yes, a nice nap.

We finished off the day having a long enjoyable dinner with family.

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