Day 3, Hawaii, Coffee/Luau/Spinner Dolphins

13 Aug

Up late.  6 A.M.. and the day started with spinner dolphins.  They never let up all day and we counted four pods.  Each pod seemed to have 8-12 individuals each.  What a show they put on.

spinning dolphin

We had our breakfast and then headed up to what they call the “coffee belt” which is where they grow the famous Kona Coffee.  $40.00 a pound for whole beans and they only grow around the 1500 foot altitude.  Free brewed coffee as long as they think you are going purchase some coffee.  The plantation also grows macadamia nuts.

coffee plantation4

We walked down through the coffee trees and they were full of green coffee beans.  They start turning red and ready for roasting in September/October we were told.  Quite a view of the Pacific ocean from the coffee plantation.

Luau tonight and we had not been one in at least 15-20 years and now I remember why.  It was OK.   Food for 500, standing in line, people cutting in line, great surroundings, sweat, same price as 5 meals and Hawaiian entertainment  Glad we did it but it will be our last time.

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