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“Post Op” Review of Washington DC Trip


“Post op” is medical jargon for “after the surgery.”  I some ways,  looking back at the trip to Washington DC was a little like waking up from having surgery.  Most of the pain came from the five hour flights we took on American Airlines.  Flying has become a painful operation no matter when and where you go.  I could go on for paragraphs about the pain of the flights but one story is enough.

The day before we were scheduled to head home non-stop leaving at 830 a.m., I decided to check in and our flight had been cancelled.  Our flight now left at 710 a.m. to Charlotte, North Carolina where we had to change planes in a 30 minute time frame at a gate completely across the airport.  Charlotte was completely full of people and we barely made our flight.  I do believe we might have beat the senior one mile dash to make that plane.  I was proud of Libby.  The plane was completely full and because we came in so late, there was no room even for our tiny carry-on.  That took up what little leg room there was in the plane.  After arriving home, we waited 30 minutes on the ground at LAX to get a parking spot for our plane and 30 minutes for our luggage to arrive.  I think people who have problems with rage should think twice about flying.  No wonder one always reads about people going crazy on airplanes.

On the other hand, one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip was our contacts with the police officers  in and around Washington, DC.   We had questions at least 3-4 times during our eight days there and the officers  were courteous, professional and very knowledgeable in every case.  Kudo’s to this often  maligned group of professionals.  Hint, start your conversation off with a smile.  That will take you a long way with everyone.

Over all, great trip.  Our decision to rent a condo instead of a hotel room was a great one.  Especially when it is half price of a nice hotel room in DC.  Sure we had to take the train in(25 minute ride) but our senior card we got made that almost free.  So that’s were our taxes are being used for!

20171021_091917 1 Good to be home again but we leave again in a week for my Dad’s 100th birthday party to Minnesota.


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Washington D.C., Day 7, October 25, 2017

Aaaaa.  Our last long day on this trip.  Up and at it and on the train to Union Station in D.C..  Hopped a bus and toured all the major sites in an hour and half.  We usually don’t take a hop on and hop off bus but driving wasn’t an option and it was a 10 mile walk.  Well worth it.

We hopped off on the American Museum of Natural History.  It was a great visit but we decided not to wait for 2 hours to  see the live butterfly exhibit.  We then walked back to the Union station.  Oh yes.  Day 6 included 14,000+ steps(six miles) and Day 7 13,000 steps( 5.5 miles).  Not bad for us oldies.  LOL

Back by mid-afternoon to  our apartment.  Great nap.  Had to prepare for the first game of the world series!!!  Of course our television/satellite  wasn’t working again.  It’s been fixed three times yea right!  We walked to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and then found a 72 inches big screen TV to watch our Dodgers.

Great evening.  54,000 fans with every seat full , every baseball player standing for the national anthem and the American Flag.  Fans enjoying their team and the sport of baseball.  No politics.  Lets do it again tonight!



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Washington, D.C., Day 5, October 23, 2017

Groan!!!!!! It has been a long day!  We planned to get up around 6 a.m. to get ready for our first day of real tourism!  My eyes popped open first and it was 7:30 a.m..  No Tiny Tina to wake us up!


Soooo, we missed our ride to the  train station and train to Washington D.C, and didn’t get out here till nearly 10 a.m..  Added a mile to our walking as we walked in the light rain to the station. We were smart on this trip.

20171023_100628.jpgWe took our Medicare Cards with us and purchased a Senior Metro Card $2.00 each and put $15.00 on each one and that will last three full days or more of riding the train.  What a deal!


Off the train and a long walk to the White House!  No way that was going to happen today!  We again talked to the very friendly and helpful DC police officers and they let us know that the White House and surrounding area was closed down tight today.  We didn’t have the “need to know” why but they did say tomorrow or Wednesday would work much better for us.


The rain was gone and it was a very pleasant walk to the Agriculture Building where our research recommended the best governmental cafeteria in town.  It was very good!  Lots of tourists there and I had a great BBQ Beef Sandwich, veggies and fresh fruit.

Headed down the road to spend several hours in the Space and Flight Museum.  Outstanding.  Don’t miss it if you are here.


Back on the train and arrived at “home” and 13,150 steps and 5 miles later we crashed for an hour!  Great first day in the tourist areas.


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Washington D.C., Day 4, October 22, 2017

Sunrise in Washington DC at the National Cathedral.



Up at 0530 a.m.  to head very early into Washington, DC to get to the National Cathedral church service.  It was dark out when we left and as we got into DC, all he-l broke loose.  Every road we needed to get off of the freeway  was blocked by police cars.  My GPS was completely confused and so was I.  Some how we found the Cathedral and found out from a friendly police officer that it was Marine Run Day a huge affair that closed down DC from 6 a.m-11 a.m..  Just our luck.

We did get there in time believe it or not only because the church service was changed to 8 a.m..  The cathedral reminded us of Europe and their cathedrals.  We got out of town…that was not easy…and had a Sunday brunch that was good.

20171022_174017 1.jpg

Thought I would tell you gas is a dollar cheaper here in the D.C. area than good ol-Cali.  Add to that, 3.5% sales tax verses Cali 9.5%.  Quiet afternoon and then we went to a Italian Restaurant within five minutes of our apartment this evening.  Best Italian foods we have had in years.  Mmmmm.

Tomorrow train into DC to become true tourists.

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Washington, D.C., 2017, Days 2, 3, Oct. 20, 21, 2017

What a great time we have had so far in the Washington D.C. area! Lets start with Day 2.




Libby is posing in front of our kitchen which we may or may not use a lot in the next eight days.  We finished unpacking after a good night of sleep and after getting showered.  Out to the car and off to get some breakfast.  Oh my goodness.  The traffic was nuts.  These people would all be dead in So Cal if they drove there like they are doing here.  Blocking intersections and running red lights.

We hit the supermarket and loaded up with all kinds of goodies.  A nap and long walk to get oriented to the neighborhood.  This area we are staying in was an on-off battle ground in the Civil War.  Lots of tree, rolling hills then, now houses, apartments and businesses.  Houston beat New York in the baseball playoffs to have a tie.  Really don’t care who wins tomorrow night as,  if the Dodgers play like they should;  world champs!

Day Three

Great weather!  Supposed to make 80 today.  East coast hot, West coast brrrrr.  Early breakfast and off to a day on the Potomac River and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.

We had a great time walking three miles and imagining what it was like in the late 1700’s for our first president, families and yes he had slaves.

Tomorrow we leave here at 06:15 for mass at the National Cathedral in DC.  Then breakfast and off we go.



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Washington D.C., Day 1, October 19, 2017



Sunrise Falls Church, Virginia 2017

I am writing this from my very comfortable overstuffed chair in our 7th floor apartment in Falls Church, Virginia about 9 miles outside of  Washington, D.C..  With about 1000 square feet of space to enjoy, we are going travel like we love now in our 70’s,  slow and easy in comfortable surroundings.


Up at 3:30 in morning yesterday, drove to the Van Nuys Airport Fly away…horrible traffic at 4:45 a.m….and on to the bus into LAX.  Lots of time, on to a full American Airlines flight(5 hours) for a great fare, $290 reach round trip including luggage charge.  Comfortable?  Nope, but about as good as you can expect in regular coach now days.

Off the plane, into our rental car, full size car for $19.00 a day.  Great time to travel to our Capital.

We had some outstanding Vietnamese food last evening within walking distance of our apartment and settled in to watch our Dodgers crush the Cubbies and head to the world series.  Great start for our trip.


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Major Change in Washington D.C. Trip

When I started planning for our October trip to Washington D.C. back in February, I decided to get a Condo outside of D.C. near the train system that takes you into the City.  We have done that many times in Europe with great success.  Example: walk five minutes to the train station, 30 miles in 35 minutes to Salzburg…outstanding!

After I rented the Condo, 1/2 the price of a nice hotel in the Capital, I was happy but, found out getting to the train station was not within our preferred walking distance as advertised, it is about 1.3 miles by bus or 30 minutes walking each way to the train station.  Add to that, the Condo is nine miles outside of D.C. and it was a 55 minute ride each way…many stops.  The evening and weekend train and bus schedules were also quite limited.  Add to that, just read an article that ISIS recently posted that their next attack in the USA would be blowing up the train/subway systems in New York City and Washington, D.C.  Oh S–t!  Now what?

Called Costco Travel who usually has the best prices I have found anywhere for a rental car.  What a joy.  Eight days for a full size car, including all taxes etc. for $149.00 with unlimited  mileage.  Problem solved.

We will drive to a train station with free parking closer to D.C.,  hop a train into the D.C..  Drive to Annapolis, Maryland in 1 hour 40 minutes  to tour the Naval Academy that was going take 3 1/2 hours each way by train.   A trip to Mt. Vernon will take 32 minutes by car each way and 4 hours and 53 minutes by train each way. So many other things to see outside of Washington, D.C. that you must have a car to enjoy.

Learned a lesson.  There isn’t a place in the United States that can match Europe in train transportation.  Will keep that in mind planning our next trips.



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