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“The Joke Was On Me” by Bee Gee’s or Was it “The Dope Was on Me?”

After a nap and a delicious BBQ meal it was time to head to the Bee Gee’s impersonator concert.   About 1200+ fans arrived.  Nearly every fan was in their 60’s and 70’s and you could tell they were ready for a boogie night.  They were ready to re-live the John Travolta dance movies that were  hooked up with the Bee Gee’s disco music in the background.  To make it clear, the show was outstanding.  90 minutes of non-stop music.   Worth every dime.  In fact, band had the oldies but goodies on their feet dancing to “Dancing Yeah.”

Now that I told you about the expected part of the concert, it time to tell you about the part where the “Joke was on me.”  Just as the concert was about to begin, there were four open seats next to me.  Had to me of course.   In came four young people…I project about early 30’s.  They got quite a look as they headed into their seats not only for their age but for their active persona.  Looked like the young ones had stopped at one of the newly approved  “Cali dope service station” and were ready for a “boogie night.”

The young girl next to me had dressed in a way that did not allow her clothes to do a good job in keeping her natural assets covered especially when she got excited as the music started. And excited she did get.  She spent a lot of time on her boyfriend’s? lap in all kinds of ways.  She nearly by accident spent some time on my lap as well.  That disco music and prior dope fuel service really was effective.

You can imagine that the oldies but goodies all around the action didn’t stand for that long.  Out they went looking for security and who ever would listen.  By about half way through the concert the young ones were escorted out!  Must say I had mixed feelings about the whole thing.  With them gone I had only one show to watch…LOL.

We had a great evening after the concert including room service which is a special treat for us.  Our drive home was a mess even though it was a Holiday Monday.  The 605 freeway was blocked as it merged onto the 210 freeway.  Other than that we arrived home safely and we will do this again. Great minni-trip.


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First Trip of 2018

The sky is blue…its 43 degrees outside…and we are feeling good and looking forward to our first “trip” of the new year.  Many would not call this a trip as it is short and the distance round trip is under 200 miles round trip.

In a way, it isn’t a trip but a fulfilment of a Christmas present.  I bought tickets for Libby to a concert to see the B-Gee’s…not the real ones as most are dead…but by celebrity impersonators.   Many times these people are so good that they are better than the original, especially when the original were so drugged up they couldn’t perform well.  Looking forward to this.

The trip this morning was busy but not crazy for LA.  We arrived around 1130 and checked in to our hotel.  Very nice.  Just across the square is the Cerritos Performing Arts Center that holds nearly 2000 people.  Should be fun tonight.


We napped, ate some delicious ribs and took a long walk.  More on the concert later.

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Joy in Simple Things and Good Timing

I am not sure if its because I have time to notice things now that I am retired or that my maturity has given me a new insight on what is joyful, but whatever it is,  I am loving today.

Its been at least three months since we have had rain here in the desert.  I woke up late for me nearly 7 a.m. and noticed that it was very dark outside.  “Rain” my mind said as the sound of water cut into my hearing.  The storm had arrived.


It has been raining on and off all day and when it was time to take my afternoon nap, I decided to take it in my recliner where I could hear the rain coming down and watch it fall in my back garden as I fell asleep.  Wonderful.

Yesterday I was out in the garden working with the landscaping crew I had hired to trim all my trees/bushes and to make sure that the back slope was ready for a rain storm with out having damage from erosion.  What great timing!  Working like a charm.

I am now sitting in my house patting my self on the back for such good planning as I am drinking my hot cup of coffee.  Simple things and good timing make me joyful now days.

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Happy New Year From the Party Animals!


happy new year 2018

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