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Traveling in 2018

We are having some cold weather here in high desert.  The temperatures for the past several weeks have been freezing when I get up.  Its been dry cold till Sunday evening when we got about 0.3 inches of rain.  When we woke up on Monday morning to look at the mountains behind our house and smiled at the snow covering them.


We are packing for first official trip of the year,  a short trip to San Diego…400 mile round trip to celebrate my grandson’s(12 years) birthday and mine(45 years) if you believe that number you are in need of a reality check.  LOL.  Our drive to San Diego might be an “exciting” time as heavy rain is forecasted.

We did have an early unexpected trip up the coast to Morro Bay(also a 400 mile round trip) to watch our college basketball team win the first round of the state playoffs.  We stayed in beautiful Marrow Bay and enjoyed the two day turn around trip.






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