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San Diego Trip Home, 80-50-80, Winds and Fire

So I guess you might be wondering what the heck 80-50-80 might be on our trip home from San Diego?  Well, here goes.  Said good-bye to our recuperating daughter with her broken ankle and headed out for our 185 mile trip home.  We had some concerns as the Santa Ana winds were expected to reach up to 100 miles per hour in some mountain passes and many fires were burning out of control across Southern California.  This could be an exciting trip.

The first 40 miles or so were fine, normal winds and no fires seen.  Then in the distance we saw red dust storms and felt the winds starting to buffet the car.  To make a long story short, on one mountain pass we had the Santa Ana wind behind us and as we rolled down the freeway, without my foot on the accelerator I was doing 80 miles per hour, being pushed by at least 50 miles per hour wind and getting 80 miles per gallon according to my car’s electronics.  80-50-80!  An exciting trip home.

Luckily, we by passed all of the fires and we arrived home safe and sound.  Our son a LA County Sheriff is on mandatory 12 hour shifts with no days off indefinitely to help fight the widely out of control fires.  One of the fires he was working got so close to the prison he formerly worked at that it burned down an out building.  Everyone was safe.

We are glad to be home.


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San Diego, Day 2, December 6, 2017, Broken Christmas Bones

Our visit to San Diego to see our grandson’s Christmas play turned into a unexpected medical emergency  on Wednesday, Day 2.  But not for  us old folks.

We received a phone call from our daughter in the afternoon.  She was working at her job as a special education teacher and she was taking her class to Balboa Park on a field trip.   After a successful trip, she was shepherding her class back to the parking lot for their return trip  to the school when she tripped over an uneven section of sidewalk and heard a “pop” in her ankle.  She knew immediately that she had broke her ankle.  She coordinated all the kids back to school and then she called her husband to take here to  the emergency room and sure enough broken ankle.  Into a “boot”.

We helped Luke by picking up her car in the park and then headed out to get up some Mexican food  to feed the family.  Merry Christmas! Very interesting day.

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Trip 11 of the Year; Ups and Down of a Life in 24 Hours

It is December and it is time to start celebrating Christmas and the Holidays.  We decided that the 400 mile round trip to San Diego would be our last trip of the year.  Eleventh trip would be to see our grandson Alex play the angel Gabriel in his school’s Christmas play.



What a great hour celebrating the birth of Jesus.  A great way to end the first day of our trip.  Must say that the time before the program was pretty interesting as well.

We filled up with gas and hooked up the Bluetooth to our streaming Amazon music and spent three hours listening to Christmas music.  Everything from Pantatonics to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Really got us into the holiday mood.

As we headed out of Palmdale, CA, we were in good spirits and that was even raised more as we watched a fighter jet take off.  A spectacular sight.  Add to that, major construction in the area to handle the 4000+ new high end jobs in the air craft industry for the new jets being built.  Our area is really booming in the past year like much of the country with a few exceptions like Hollywood and Washington D.C..

Our good spirits dropped a bit as we looking back in the rear view mirror and saw two plumes of smoke rising high over the mountains surrounding the Valley.  We found out later that numerous forest fires were burning throughout southern California.  Not an unusual thing this time of the year before our rain starts.  Strange though that so many started across such a wide area.

Of course we came to a screeching 40 minute stop on the 215 freeway due to a eight car crash.  A mess.

Interesting twenty four hours, with thoughts and occurrences ranging from joy to sadness.  Merry Christmas.

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Sad But True

It’s normal not to like everything or everyone but it’s very unfair to be mean to them for no good reason. There was a 🙁 kitten outside my door today morning that was too 🙁 to even smile at my camera. Apparently my neighbors are not cat people and worst, they usually kick them whenever […]

via If you don’t like/love something/one at least don’t be mean to them. — Cheche Winnie

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Quiet Days of Contemplation

We had an outstanding Thanksgiving Day.  The grandkids played non-stop together, we enjoyed our visitors from Poland, and the family had way too much delicious food which we all will be eating for the next couple of days.  The house was ruckus and joyful.  We have so much to be thankful for;  our children, grandchildren and our friends are healthy, happy and doing well.

20170802_060517Now that company has headed home, the house was totally quiet and Tiny Tina came out of her “semi-hiding” to happily crawl on my lap to tell me that she was not worried any more about all the people she had been hiding from the last few days.

Its a good time for contemplation.  A special thanks from us to the police officers, our soldiers, our teachers, ministers/missionaries, and healthcare workers.  Guess that pretty covers what our family does in this world.  Wonder how so many of our family got into the “giving and protecting professions?”

Hope your Thanksgiving was as good for you as it was for us.

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100th Birthday Trip…It Was Great!


We are sitting in the Minneapolis/St Paul airport at 8:30 a.m. getting ready to head home. Didn’t get a chance to write a thing on this four-day turn around trip for Dad’s 100th birthday party as we were so busy we just didn’t sit down except when we fell into bed exhausted.

Lets get started with an over view our trip.  Easy drive to the airport…comparatively…as LAX is always a mess.  Fell asleep on the plane and arrived ready to roll.  In the snow of course.

100 B Day snow

Minnesota Snow on 100th B-Day


We stayed over night in Minneapolis and the headed hour on Saturday morning for Clara City, Minnesota 110 miles to get to Dad’s place.  We arrived after picking up 10 bags of chips, 120 fresh baked buns, soft drinks for the party.  Dad was ready to play cards as we entered the room but first hugging the great grand kids.


We ate dinner with Dad and then Libby and Risa headed to their room and I headed out with brother Dave and Kathy and slept overnight at their lake home.

Sunday: Party Day!  Sister Connie and her family and Brother Roger and Debbie had the whole affair organized and by 2 p.m. in the afternoon, 100+ people where congratulating Dad(100 years old) and Aunt Ruthie(91 years old).  It was a joyful occasion.

Its time to get on the plane heading back to LA.  Great party. Congratulations Dad on your 100th and 91st Aunt Ruth.

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100 Year Birthday Party in Minnesota

We are packed AGAIN!  We just got back from our Washington D.C. trip and now we are heading back on the plane tomorrow to join our family in Minnesota for my Dad’s 100th birthday party.

On the plane and we will be meet our daughter from San Diego in Minneapolis and then the drive to Clara City, Minnesota for the party!

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