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Planning Two More Trips This Year(2017)

With our next trip fully planned, a 14 day driving jaunt of 4000 miles that covers thirteen states, I have been planning two more trips.  One a 9-day cross country visit to the Washington D.C. area and a four day 100th birthday party trip for my Dad in Minnesota. 

Washington D.C. Trip

Image result for photo washington mallWe decided to stay in the United States this year as the flights to Europe are such a pain.  If I could afford first class air fare, things wouldn’t be so painful but, the cost for this addition doubles the price of the trip.  What a pain. 

So instead, we decided to head to the center of our Federal Government, Washington D.C..  This will be our third trip there but we feel we have barely scratched the surface of the things to see. 

This trip will be very different from prior trips.  We will not have a car.  We will be using Uber, We rented a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs within walking distance of supermarkets, restaurants and the train system that will take us directly into Washington, D.C. within in 20 minutes.  The cost of of our apartment is 1/2 or less than a hotel in D.C., we will be saving a chunk of $$$$ on food with our own kitchen and no rental car or parking costs.  This is how we do it on our trips to Europe so we figured we might as well see how it works here the United States.

100th Birthday Party(Minnesota)

20170429_121009We will be making our third trip this year to Minnesota, this time for Dad’s 100th birthday.  Four days with our daughter, we traveled there with our son earlier this year,

The cost for airfare to Minnesota is more than to Washington D.C.. Plus, renting a car is key as we must drive 100+ miles to the small farm town where Dad lives. 

We are all looking forward to this trip as we are expected see a good part of the community who are always supportive to family and friends. 

More later. 



A Warm May 2017 Welcome in the Snow of Minnesota

20170429_121009What a great trip we…Jeff and I…had to Minnesota to to visit Dad.  He hadn’t seen Jeff his grand son for 7 years and the two of them had a lot to catch up on. 

We went out to eat at his small Minnesota farm town favorite restaurant, Donner’s.  We had great company from all over Minnesota join us;  Tisha, Ben and family all the way from Austin, Minnesota,  Dave and Kathy from Sauk Centre, Minnesota,  Roger and Deb from Clara City, Amy and Gary and her family from Alexandria, Minnesota.

Here are a few photo’s of our visit. 

We visited Aunt Ruthie who says she is feeling better than she is has for some time.  She is a youngster of 90 where as, Dad is 99 years old. 

Of course we had to have a taste of snow in May in Minnesota.  We had to leave Clara City early so we would miss the snow storm and make it to the airport.

We had a great trip overall and played a lot of cards where Dad beat us all thoroughly for three days.  

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End of Easter Trip, Minnesota, March 2016

When everyone headed home to their families for their own Easter Dinner on Saturday evening, Libby and I stayed with with Dad on Easter Sunday and had Swedish Meat Balls at the dining room in the the Assisted Living.  Really good food. 

Easter evening Dad only wanted a piece of toast for dinner…at 98 your appetite isn’t as good as it was once.  Libby and I thought that at least one of the three restaurants would be open at 5 pm in Clara City but alas, every thing was locked up closed.  A 18 mile drive to a McDonald’s in Montevideo was our best choice and the place was full of hungry people.

We left Clara City at about 930 a.m. on Monday for Minneapolis and our flight home. A huge storm stretched from mid-South Dakota to Los Angeles and the full plane bounced all the way home.  Overall not bad at all.

Made it home near to 9 p.m. and the cats couldn’t wait to see us.  Great trip. Left Dad tired but happy.

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Easter Trip to Visit Dad

We decided a couple months ago that it was time to visit Dad(98 years young) in Minnesota over the Easter Holiday.  With Dad now living in the Assisted Living Facility that we have not seen yet, we are looking forward to visiting him and all of the brothers and sister along with our nephews and nieces that are coming to the Easter lunch on Saturday.

We are flying out and renting a car.  Snow is on the way but they say it will miss West Central Minnesota.  Hope so, as I have lost my blizzard driving skills. 

We are about packed and getting excited.  More to come.

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Minnesota 2015, Day 7. 8 Heading Home

Our drive home from the lake to Minneapolis was easy until we arrived  outside Minneapolis where we caught up with the rain storm and awful construction zones. 

We headed home on a full Sun Country plane the next day and even though we left 45 minutes late we nearly caught up with our scheduled noon arrival in the air.

Good to be home. 

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Flying On Christmas Day: Mom’s Gone

IMG_0004When you are spending your time three days before Christmas making preparations for a flying trip on Christmas Day, there are only two things that could stimulate this;  1.  You are a terrible procrastinator or 2.  There is an unexpected crisis in the family.   I don’t procrastinate.  Mom Gone. 

Mom was 91 years old and Libby and I had just gotten back from visiting her last week shortly after her massive heart attack.  The winter flight to Minnesota is always painful but it was especially so when your Mother is in critical condition in a hospital.  When we arrived, brother David picked us up at the airport near mid-night and with the temperature +50 the fog was hovering over the 120 miles we had to travel to his home.   Thank goodness for family at a time like this. 

To complete the preliminaries on last week’s trip, we visited Mom and she had improved somewhat and recognized us when we arrived.  We knew however from her physician that she did not have much time left with us; weeks to months.  Dad of course was looking for every sign that Mom would make  a  comeback and would be able to move back home with him.  Dad and Mom had been married 72 years the day we arrived to see Mom.  He was not ready to let that end just yet.  Mom wanted to know if we were going to Dead Lake this year.  Three days later we flew back to the Los Angeles area to prepare for our families Christmas. 

At 0530 a.m. on Monday morning, as we  were deep in our final throes of healing sleep, the phone rang.  The first thing that entered my mind when I became aware of the phone was, “Minnesota call.”  Brother Roger’s voice on the end line  verified my expectation.  “Mom had died a few minutes ago in the nursing home.”  They had been getting her up for breakfast in the dining room when she died as she sat waiting in her wheelchair.  She was gone very quickly. 

Yesterday was a blur of texts, phone calls and emails between brothers and sister, children and grand children.  Getting Dad to the see Mom.  Meetings with the funeral home.  Add to that a rush of finding ways to make it to Minnesota for the funeral.  By mid morning it looked like driving the 1800 miles to Minnesota was the only way to get there as the all the planes were full.  Not even first class seats were left. 

Dad and the brothers and sister who live in Minnesota met with funeral home and minister and the dates for the viewing and the funeral were made.  We made one more shot a getting a flight to Minnesota.  Miracle’s do happen.  Two seats left on a Sun Country fight on Christmas.  Not together but we will get there. 

Thank goodness for brothers and sister in Minnesota.  They have done a great job in putting this all together.  Packing today.


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On the Road

September 27, 2014 2 p.m.

We arrived right on time at the airport using the Van Nuys Fly away bus.  The sign-in at Lufthansa was smooth as butter and they are organized and very professional.  Thank you Lufthansa for saving our bacon from Air France and their strike. 

We are flying a 747 which is nothing new for us.  Well no more at this time. 

September 27, 2014 830 pm

The lack of space in this “cattle car” is appalling.  The staff is competent, the food barely adequate.  The experience is just painful.  We will think hard and long about going through this again to get to Europe. 

We have had a few bumps but not really not bad so far. 

I think the best part of this is the excellent organization of getting all those people into the plane in such a quick way. 

We are about 4 1/2 hours away from landing in Frankfurt Germany.  We have a little more than an hour to to find and board our flight to Paris.  Wish us luck.

September 28, 2014 Sundqy

We landed ahead of time and it took us a good hour to get through the mess to our new plane.  We met a business man from San Francisco and he gave us some tips about  Paris. 

The Flight was fine and we were met by our tour person and we had a van take us into Paris, 15 miles in terrible traffic.  Glad I wasn’t driving.  Nice room with kitchen. 

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