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Waterfalls, Deep Blue Clear Water, Deer Herds

We loaded up in two cars and by 830 a.m. headed east on highway 88 deeper into High Sierra’s.  Deer were foraging around every bend and you needed to hope that they would not start and dash into your car.  We were lucky and we had a clear run higher and higher nearly to 8000 feet before we stopped for photo’s of the snow capped mountains.


Waterfall were pouring down the mountains to rush into the already filled lakes and reservoirs.  Down two thousand feet the cars and the water rushed down the east side of the Sierra’s and as we came around a curves the grand kids shrieked we needed to stop at the “island.”


It was their first view of Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe. 

We drove slowly around the lake and wondered at the beauty and size of a mountain lake at 6200 feet high.  We gathered at the beach and grand kids ran off their excessive energy.  


The two hour drive back, a nap and a big home-made taco dinner with Joe and Irene.  Life is good. 

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End of Easter Trip, Minnesota, March 2016

When everyone headed home to their families for their own Easter Dinner on Saturday evening, Libby and I stayed with with Dad on Easter Sunday and had Swedish Meat Balls at the dining room in the the Assisted Living.  Really good food. 

Easter evening Dad only wanted a piece of toast for dinner…at 98 your appetite isn’t as good as it was once.  Libby and I thought that at least one of the three restaurants would be open at 5 pm in Clara City but alas, every thing was locked up closed.  A 18 mile drive to a McDonald’s in Montevideo was our best choice and the place was full of hungry people.

We left Clara City at about 930 a.m. on Monday for Minneapolis and our flight home. A huge storm stretched from mid-South Dakota to Los Angeles and the full plane bounced all the way home.  Overall not bad at all.

Made it home near to 9 p.m. and the cats couldn’t wait to see us.  Great trip. Left Dad tired but happy.

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