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Cross Country Visit of Three Generations of Family War Vets

Today is the start of a long week-end together for three generations of men in our family.  Three men;  The grandson mid-30’s, a police officer, the son early –70’s retired and the father, 99 years old patriarch of the family.

fredWhether we admit to it or not, we three have much in common.  We all are Army war vets.  Second World War for Dad, combat medic for 4 years in the European Theater,

mel reserves head shot Nine years(2 years active duty and 7 active reserves) in the Medical Corp.  One year in Viet Nam for me. 

Jeff alone in iraqThe grandson spent four years as a combat warrior, two year in Iraq, with expertise in weapons and very much at home in unit’s armory as combat patrols.

We are all proud of our sacrifice for our country even though we all shake our heads at what goes on in our country today.  We all agree that we all fought for their freedom to “act the fool.”  LOL

We all are strong minded, family oriented, believe in common sense and hard work.

With that as background, the son and grandson will be leaving southern California today, boarding a plane to Minneapolis, renting a car and driving 100 miles on two lane highway’s to a farm town in west central Minnesota to spend a couple of days with Dad at the nursing home where he now stays. 

Turning 100 years old soon, his mind is as sharp as ever but he requires help with physical functions that most centenarian’s need.  He loves to play cards and is looking to beating his son and grandson in rummy!

Stay with us on our journey. 


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San Diego Visit 2…Sunday, Monday, March 19,20 2017

20170319_143113Attended church at the Rock in the morning. Flowers blooming in all over San Diego.  After church we stopped at the Mission Restaurant  for Breakfast.  Nap and 3 mile walk and then dinner along the beach at sun set. 

The drive home on Monday routine and home by 1130 a.m.. 

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Forth of July in San Diego


We had an easy drive from Palmdale to San Diego…2:40 minutes.  After we arrived and headed out on a 4 1/2 mile walk round trip to to old town which we loved.

Risa put together a great anti-pasta dinner for us and we had a great night of sleep. 

Getting ready to head out to the ocean for some fishing.

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Preparing Trip Two to San Diego…Celebrating July 4

imageSo nice to have a place to stay in cool and visitor friendly San Diego.  Restaurants, places to visit and wonderful fireworks display while you sit on the beach sipping a cool one. 

Going to go to one of my favorite Italian restaurants,  Pomadoro, live on the beach and might even go with the family deep sea fishing!

imageThe only sad thing is we wonder how Tiny Tina will react to us being gone again.  The week alone with her old nemesis Slinky cat was pathetic.  When we got back she would not leave us.  Her head hung down and there was no happiness.  She is back now, wild and happy.  PS she doesn’t know she is a cat.  Even wants to drink coffee with us. 

Looking forward to the trip.  We’ll be back Tina.

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River Otters, Deep Water, Turkey Fight!

We loaded up the vehicles for the drive down to the Tiger Creek and its old power plant. 


The pristine area was was full icy water pouring down the tiger creek from the snows in the Sierra’s.  The trout are thriving AND so were the River Otters. 


What a nosey creature.  He swam and watched everything we did.  What a gorgeous place to take the grandkids.

Along the creek, there must have a big wild turkey fight!  Their feathers were scattered around much to the happiness of the kids who suddenly became “wild Indians.”

All in all, it was one of the most beautiful places I have been to in many years.  Unexpected pleasures.


Last day that we all were together.  Joy.

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Waterfalls, Deep Blue Clear Water, Deer Herds

We loaded up in two cars and by 830 a.m. headed east on highway 88 deeper into High Sierra’s.  Deer were foraging around every bend and you needed to hope that they would not start and dash into your car.  We were lucky and we had a clear run higher and higher nearly to 8000 feet before we stopped for photo’s of the snow capped mountains.


Waterfall were pouring down the mountains to rush into the already filled lakes and reservoirs.  Down two thousand feet the cars and the water rushed down the east side of the Sierra’s and as we came around a curves the grand kids shrieked we needed to stop at the “island.”


It was their first view of Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe. 

We drove slowly around the lake and wondered at the beauty and size of a mountain lake at 6200 feet high.  We gathered at the beach and grand kids ran off their excessive energy.  


The two hour drive back, a nap and a big home-made taco dinner with Joe and Irene.  Life is good. 

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A Week of Celebration of 40 Years of Marriage…in the Gold County of the High Sierra’s

When Libby and I got married 40 years ago, we certainly were not planning what we were going to be doing to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Over the 40 years we both had great careers, had two kids, three grand kids and traveled the world.  The kids are self-sufficient and are looking like they are going to fare even better then us in their careers and grand kids are doing great in school. 

When we approached the big 40th wondered what should we do to celebrate?  There was no question the celebration would revolve around the family as we found over 40 years that that was by far the most important to us.  But where, when and how could we get everyone together?  How about a week in Disneyworld or Disneyland?  Grand kids would love it.  How about renting a flat in London/Paris/Barcelona and enjoy ourselves with the European way of life?  What did you say the airfare was and have you ever flown with a 5 year old for 11 hours?

To make a long story short, we rented a 5 bed room house deep in California’s High Sierra mountains and the “gold country.”  Only a 7 hour drive and an addition plus, it is very close to Libby’s sister and her husband and an hour from a very close friend who lives there too. 

Everyone enthusiastically agreed and we all arrived yesterday ready to spend a week together.  Stay in touch with us on the blog and  see what a week long celebration of 40 years of marriage is like.

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