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Time to Catch Some Fish…Ocean Beach Pier…Pacific Ocean…Then Padres Baseball this Evening

Great night sleep with the ocean breezes off the Pacific Ocean.  We had the windows open last night as it nearly made 80 degrees yesterday.  Very warm for San Diego!  The kid’s home is about a mile and half from the beach surrounded by several universities, Sea World, golf courses. 

Made some hot coffee this morning and thinking about the last things I need to put together for our little fishing excursion this morning…no clouds in the sky.  We enjoy fishing on the Ocean Beach Pier.

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Details to come later. 

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Day 1, Driving Trip to San Diego(Trip 3)

May 19, 2017 Friday

It has been a cornucopia of sights, smells and sound on the road.  The desert outside of AVC smelled of freshly cut alfalfa and watering the onion fields.  The rural roads were rough and desperately need a deep coat of asphalt.

We rolled down highway 15 into the inland empire area where the temperature moved into the 80’s and of course our first freeway stoppage.  Two fender benders within 3 miles with 6 cars involved.  The rest of the way…181 miles…was heavy traffic but moving along very well.  The Honda got 35.4 mpg not bad at all. 

We stopped at around 11:10 am and had lunch at Round Table Pizza in San Diego where we had good food and a very good laugh.


This is the sign on their bathroom door to make fun of the last federal administration to make a law of where you can go to the bath room.

With our politicians, you have to keep a sense of humor.

We got to Risa’s place and it was a gorgeous 79.

Risa and Alex got home from school about 2:10 pm and we are catching up on all the news.  Luke is on a two week long missionary trip to eastern Europe;  Poland, Ukraine and Kosovo.  We will miss him this trip. 

Heading out to Islands Restaurant after we hit Walmart.  Picking up some gear for tomorrow’s trip to the Ocean Beach Pier where we will be fishing. 

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Fishing the 4th of July, Pacific Ocean

The 4th of July broke with the ocean overcast breaking early.  We hit the ocean beach pier…longest pier on the west coast… early to hit high tide.  We found parking and we trekked out on the pier and the fish were cooperating!!!  Alex battled in a 5+ pound halibut and Marisa pulled in a calico bass.




What a great morning!

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Forth of July in San Diego


We had an easy drive from Palmdale to San Diego…2:40 minutes.  After we arrived and headed out on a 4 1/2 mile walk round trip to to old town which we loved.

Risa put together a great anti-pasta dinner for us and we had a great night of sleep. 

Getting ready to head out to the ocean for some fishing.

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