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Treasure, Food and Explorers

Day two of the family 40th started a cool down of the weather.  The mosquitos got hungrier, with the light clouds overhead so we all headed out.  The kids/grand kids headed out to explore a cave and with Libby’s dislike of dark under ground spaces, we headed to Jackson to grocery shop for enough food for a a few days.

We all met back at the house and worked hard to get all the food into the refrigerator and gathered together to eat.  Teachers, police officers, managers, ex-military, nurses and good cooks.


After a nap, we all gathered around to watch the grandkids do a self organized treasure hunt.  I think the ghosts of the gold mining past got into their heads about gold!


Our only grand daughter is the explorer of the group out in the forest.


Time for a two hour drive to 6300 high Lake Tahoe tomorrow. 

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Planning 2015 Trips; Utah and New Orleans

I have been working on one of the best part of traveling, planning for the trip.  With the Web at your fingertips and your traveling experience, you can put together a really good trip at a cost that you can afford. 

We are traveling this year to places that we have visited or at least driven through/flown into in our traveling career;  Salt Lake/Park City, UT and New Orleans.

Salt Lake/Park City comes first.  It is a highway 15 driving trip all the way via Las Vegas, with stops in St. George(restaurant), Cedar City(hotel), Beaver(world’s  best local Gouda Cheese factory) and finally Provo, UT. as our home base.  We have come to really enjoy Utah.  Interestingly it reminds us of Germany.  Mountains, pristine wilderness and farm country, excellent roads with speed limits of 85 MPH, friendly hard working people and great universities. 

The hotel we’re staying is located just down the street from BYU on a creek that is roaring clear mountain water from snow pack, run by the college students, has a great breakfast included in a very reasonable cost.

We are going to spend some time in Park City, UT skiing the Black Diamond runs…LOL…not at our age.  Instead, we are going to take horse drawn sleigh up into the high mountains and stay in a mountain lodge which serves a big “home made dinner”  with entertainment.

Finally, testing some great rated restaurants, exploring the Temple Square area, and museums.  I will be ranking our experience in restaurants and and visits on Trip Advisor.  Should be fun.

Travel vicariously with us via this blog.  We leave in about three weeks. 



France…Day3 Monday

Our first night sleeping in Paris and the dreaded jet lag.  On Sunday night our group took over “God Save the Kitchen“ restaurant for dinner.  A five course dinner was consumed with wine over nearly three hours.  One waitress handled all us all…35…without a hitch.  What a professional.  We had a choice between sea bream or chicken.  Everyone was happy with their choice. 

paris hotelOff we went to our room by 10 pm we crashed!  A long day. We both woke up at 3 am, the dreaded jet lag!  It didn’t last long and by 4 am we were back in La La Land.  Our alarm told us it was 7 am and a quick shower we were off to our buffet breakfast.  Those French know how to cook.  Fresh croissants with eggs and everyparis eiffel mel imaginable breakfast meats, cereals etc. 

It was raining out most of the morning including when we boarded the bus heading for our four hour “drive by” tour of Paris.  It was a great overview of what is available to see.  It would take us about a year to see half if it.  Here are some photo’s we took on the tour. 

We arrived back to our hotel and headed to the bank, to the bakery, and to the grocery store in that order.  We brought back a wonderful hot ham and cheese pannini for lunch.  Then yep you guessed it, a two hour nap. 

We cooked a delicious dinner in our minni-kitchen in our room and now are relaxing as we will be head out early in the morning to Versailles and in the late afternoon a walking tour of Monte Marte which is a hill that gives one of the best views of Paris.  Great first real day in Paris.

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Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 5, Monday

breakfastatbeachUp late, 630 a.m. and Alex was waiting for us.  We are heading off early for Mission Beach to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.  Things started out by eating breakfast at the beach.  The look Alex is giving his grandma is fun. Waffles for Alex and pancakes for grandma. 

SAM_0130Then, out to the beach.  The the sun was out early and it was a gorgeous day.  Alex was riding the waves and had some long runs on his bogie board.  melandlib

Grandpa and grandma enjoy the sun and surf watching their oldest grandson. 

After three hours on the beach we headed home to shower and then headed out to uptown San Diego to do some grocery shopping and eating at Alex’s favorite lunch place, Panera’s Bread. 

Tomorrow is famous San Diego Zoo.  Nearly have him completely spoiled. 

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Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 4, Sunday

Up around 6 a.m. and it was still deeply overcast but rain had stopped.  Breakfast at home and then off to church.  We picked up lunch at the #1 ranked restaurant in all of San Diego, Phil’s BBQ.  Yep, a  BBQ joint is #1 in 4040 restaurants. 

Our daughter headed off to LA to pick up our son-in-law from the airport.  He had spent the last eight days with family and on business and now they are heading for Palm Springs for a three day conference and we have our grandson.  Spoil the kid time! 

Took off in the evening for a three mile walk to explore the area.  Many expensive condo’s, apartments, golf courses sitting below UC San Diego.  Sweated through my clothes in the high humidity.

Quiet evening with grandson and day four ends. 

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Late Summer Beach Trip…Day 2, Friday

Just up from a a deep refreshing sleep that lasted at least 8 hours.  The weather outside is totally overcast and 70 degrees.  Us “Desert Dogs” think the humidity is outrageous but its good for the skin I’m told. 

Lets finish up yesterday.  Did a long walk in the the neighborhood and saw my grandson’s favorite donut shop, Rose’s.  It was full of U of San Diego students which is right above our current abode.  When I arrived back home, it was the pool with my grandson.  Great way to end our first day on the trip. 

Today, here we go.  Heading for Sunset Cliffs to get a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and a glimpse of Japan.  A long walk up and down the cliffs to make room for  Ocean Beaches’ Hodad’s, another Diners, Drive-in and Dives, favorite.  A “Guido” burger is in my future.  Then home for a nap…a walk to the San Diego Trolley to see the Padres baseball game. Busy day!


We headed up to Sunset Cliff’s Park early this morning for a look at the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean.  The million $ houses that line the coast and the wildlife in the ocean make it all worthwhile.  We walked about 2 miles skirting the cliffs that had already slid into the ocean.  It was overcast and around 70 degrees and just the smallest of winds coming off the water. 

We jumped back into the the car and drove the mile or so to Hodad’s Restaurant which is now a famous landmark for its burgers and onion rings.  If you don’t mind a 30 minute wait and the grunge beach atmosphere, this is the place for you.  Great burgers.

A ten minute drive back to the kids condo, a nap and now preparing for the baseball game at Petco Stadium.

SAM_0103We walked the 1/3 of a mile to the trolley station and hopped on for the 20 minute ride to the Petco stadium.  The train was full to the gills with people, standing room only, and $1.25 each way for seniors it was a deal. 

We arrived at the stadium and our group entrance was on the opposite side of the train station so a long walk.  We headed into the stadium and of course the seats SAM_0107were in nose bleed section but what can you expect for $14.50.  The food was expensive, $65.50 for hot dogs, peanuts, soft drinks and two nachos for 4 people.  They will get you one way or another.  People were friendly and helpful and the Padre’s won 10-1 over Atlanta. 

We hopped the train back home and it was standing room only.  This time it included three intoxicated young men who were doing pull ups from the ceilings of the car and talking in a way our eight year old grandson’s eyes widened.  When asked by the passengers to quiet down they tried and apologized but two minutes later it was back to pull ups.  Its public transportation on a Friday night. 

A busy fun day in San Diego.



Late Summer Beach Week – Day 1

As July disappears into August, we received a call from our kids in San Diego to drive down…181 miles from the desert.  It was 0917 in Palmdale when we left today and it already 89 and was headed up to a dry 104.  Our house was a hive of activity as four plumbers were pulling long roils of plastic pipes into position to thread them into the many holes they had cut into our walls to completely re-pipe our two story house.  A20140711_114612_Android second leak in the foundation forced us into this drastic measure. 

Our 180 mile drive was fast and smooth and before stopping at our kids house to unload, we rolled into Ocean Beach and ordered a big bowl of our favorite Pho’ from a Vietnamese Noodle House(OB Noodle House).  We agree with Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives that it makes the best Pho’ anywhere..  Big bowl of tender noodles with shredded chicken in homemade beef broth.  You can tell Libby is enjoying the food.

Rolled into the kids apartment and unpacked and took a two hour nap.  It was hot for San Diego…78…but a nice sea breeze.  Think I will hit the pool this evening after my walk. 

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