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Well Here We Go Again!

123Libby and I looked at each other the other day and laughed.  2012-13 looks to be the biggest year of travel for us since we retired 11 years ago.  Don’t blame it on us;  blame it on our kids, family, and college basketball team.  

We headed off to Sacramento, California in March for the Junior College final 4 championship.  Our guys were 24-8 for the year and we had a great time.  Didn’t win the championship but “wait till next year!”

Then we had my sister Connie and her husband David along with their daughter Rhynda and her two boys aged 5 and 3.  Busy 8 days including a trip to the big cat breeding compound locally, parks and of course Disneyland!

We took a deep breath and we leave LAX on April 24, 2012( 9 days) for Warsaw, Poland.  We will be at our kids house for 5 days and then we all jump a plane for 5 days to Geneva, Switzerland.  We have a 3 bedroom apartment overlooking Lake Geneva and with Marisa leading the charge, I expect we will be all over Alps in those 5 days.  Then back to Warsaw for 4 days and back home. 

Another deep breath now and Marisa, Luke, and Alex will be arriving in early June for a month and then we will be taking off mid-July on a 5 day driving trip to…we believe…Atlanta, Georgia where they will be on a sabbatical for a year.  A few days there to help them settle into their new home and off on the 5 day return trip to Palmdale. 

Should be home a week or so and the off for 8 days to the North Shore of Hawaii with our son Jeff and his family Alexis, Bailey, and baby Olivia.  We have 3 bed room apartment there and it should be fun!  That all so far but one knows what else could come up!   We will have 4 months left in the year. 

I will be keeping you all informed on our trips as usual on this site so please enjoy our trips with us.