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Day 2-14, Minnesota Trip 2014

No pictures as this trip ended up to be a working time with family.  Our 4000+ mile trip really was quite pleasant on the road except for the weather.  The Honda CRV gets great gas mileage…about 34 miles per gallon overall.  Comfortable vehicle for a small car.  No close calls.  Lots of bad weather including tornados and hail storms.  Add some of the heaviest rain I have ever driven in. 

The stay in Minnesota attempting to work with family was less comfortable and successful.  One must expect there are times that what is best for everyone not always works out no matter how logical it is. 

Even though I am nearly 70 I am still learning. This trip learning experience? When you have children who love and want the best for you.  When you have children who know about the resources and how to use them. Things do not workout due to lack of trust.   “Old Age ends up being a sad source of irony.” 



Tomatoes, Peppers and New Mexico

Hot PeppersMust have been the best year ever for fresh vegetables this year.  We have been eating our home grown tomatoes all summer and now the bell peppers and hot peppers are coming in strong.  Many great healthy meals with the home made veggies.

We are planning a driving trip in November to one of our favorite places in the world, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Talk about wonderful food made with peppers!

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