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Brothers Traveling Together 2011…Day 4

001We had a great trip to Vern and Kathy’s003 home.  Pretty much all 2 lane all the way. It was dark when we left Portland and we headed up the Colombia River.   up, it was clear that it reminded me of the Rhine River in Germany but about 3 times as wide.  Libby and I stayed on the Rhine in an apartment for two weeks last year.  Dave and I noticed that there were many vineyards on the Washington side of the Columbia River and other crops on the Oregon side. 

008As we made it up the Colombia, we saw a sign for Walla Walla, Washington wow, it was a surprise and a joy.  Great food, wine, onions and great weather.  The town has two colleges, a minor league league baseball team the “Sweets”, many candy and wine009 stores.  A real find.

We passed through about 5 small villages in the countryside before we reached the Idaho borders.  We got our fishing licenses and then headed out to Vern and Kathy’s gorgeous river home.


It is a beautiful location.  After a long visit, Vern started the BBQ and fresh salmon went on the grill.  With that we had fresh tomatoes and lettuce out of the garden, home made rice, and finished the meal off with a fresh baked rhubarb piece alamode. 020

We all talked into the evening and then headed up road to their “boat house” where we slept.  What a  fun day.

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Hood River Stop

We woke up at 0539 AM and on the road along the Colombia River.  We were about out of gas so stopped in Hood River and a cup of coffee at McD’s.  53 degrees and overcast.  Back to the road.  Trying to talk Dave into getting a cat.

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Brother’s Traveling Together 2011…Day 4(AM)

Good grief!  We found out that we don’t much like TV so we read our books and fell asleep at 9:30 pm and guess what?  We slept in till 0630 AM.  Nine hours of sleep! We are finishing showering, shaving, and soon breakfast.  Should be on the road by 8 AM.

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Brothers Traveling Together 2011…Day 3

We awoke at 0525 this morning in the dark at Morro Bay, California.  We loaded up the car and listened to the harbor seals barking in the bay just two blocks from our motel.  We headed out through the coastal range of mountains in the dark and headed across the brown hills and California Oaks toward highway 5.  The sun was coming up in the east in the partly cloudy skies and it was a nippy 41 degrees. 

San JuaquinWe finally hit hiway 5 and ate a lightnut trees breakfast and headed up a semi-truck filled highway through the nations bread basket.  Nut trees, pumpkin fields, cabbage fields abounded.  We knew it was going to be our longest day 612 miles to Medford, OR. 

We stopped for dinner(lunch) and Iin and out introduced brother Dave to In and Out Burger.  After our light breakfast, a double-double animal style really hit the spot.  Back on the road we hit two very heavy rain storms that slowed us down a bit and my eyes really were getting heavy about 2 pm and Dave took over at the wheel.  I put the seat back and slept solidly for an hour and we were close to 70 miles down the road.  That is what brothers are for! 

mountain2We hit Redding, California and the San Joaquin Valley ended and we entered 90 miles of spectacular mountains.  The mountain tops were covered with snow and then we saw mount Lassen.  A really scaryblue star looking snow covered volcano.  We rolled on into Oregon and finally arrived at Medford at 630 pm.  A little more than 12 hours.  A health food dinner(supper) of all meat pizza and a pitcher of beer.  Don’t think brother Dave is used to these long days as I write this at 801 pm he is sound asleep with all of his clothes on at the bed.  Maybe it was the health food.

Short driving day tomorrow.  Only 250 miles to Portland, OR.  We are planning to use their train system to explore the city.  Should be fun.

Dave is up…he said his sinking spell was due to the health food.   

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Brother’s Traveling-2011, Day -7

Wow, a week away and things look like we are about ready.  No new information to share other than I love traveling.  Lets see, 75% of the trip on two lane HI ways, in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada.  Ocean, mountains, valley’s, and deserts.  Follow us.

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Brother’s Traveling Together 2011, Day -50

dave deak lake in boatI know that Lib and I just got back from a 17 day 4640 mile driving trip but so what?  My brother Dav is flying in and we are heading off on a driving trip.  It is a driving trip of memories.  Forty plus years ago Dav was an airman at Vandenberg AFB and lived in Santa Maria and Lompoc in central California.  He has been back so guess where our first stops will be?

Then up the coast to Portland, Oregon to visit cousins he hasn’t seen for many years.  We then head along the mighty Columbia River to visit cousin Vern who we grew up with.  He is a retired forest ranger who knows where all the steelhead lie in the beautiful Idaho rivers.   Three days on the river, talking about the old days, and good days to come. 

Home down the two lanes roads with stops at who knows where.  Can’s wait to get started.  Come along with us in only 50 days.

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