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Sometimes the Short Trips are the Best

Libby, me and Tiny Tina headed out on a great trip today…25 steps to our garden.  It was Summer harvest time.  A couple hundred of red and green peppers(Serranoes and Jalapeños), a dozen of Vidalia Onions, 100+ tomatoes of all size and kinds.  Headed into the house an made a big dish of salsa.  We then heated up some tamales and loaded them up with the salsa.  So good.

Then to the neighbors with some of fresh vegetables and froze enough whole peppers for the rest of the year.  Oh yes, for lunch, fresh sliced tomatoes.  Great day of fresh vegetable on all of our meals.

Excellent trip, not far but so tasty.


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Day 4, Hawaii, Mass on the Beach, Drive Down the Coast

Its almost getting boring with the Dolphins filling the bay in front of our hotel.  Out hunting early and playing with the snorkeling humans.

We jumped in the car and decided to drive down the North Coast of the Big Island to be reminded of our trips where we had stayed before.  Stopped at a place, new to us, that harvested macadamia nuts and runs a tourist store selling them as well.  If you like macadamia nuts like we do, that is a financially dangerous place to visit.

We are now on Hawaiian time and have decided that seven days is a perfect amount of time to stay on in the Islands.  One does not want to get used to seeing the gorgeous ocean, feel the trade winds, lush flowers, dolphins and lava flows to name a few things.

We went to Mass at 5 P.M. on the beach at the St. Michael’s the Arc Angel church to thank the Lord for giving us the health to say good bye to Libby’s brother and to allow us to spend time in one of the most beautiful places in the world.   We are blessed.

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Day 3, Hawaii, Coffee/Luau/Spinner Dolphins

Up late.  6 A.M.. and the day started with spinner dolphins.  They never let up all day and we counted four pods.  Each pod seemed to have 8-12 individuals each.  What a show they put on.

spinning dolphin

We had our breakfast and then headed up to what they call the “coffee belt” which is where they grow the famous Kona Coffee.  $40.00 a pound for whole beans and they only grow around the 1500 foot altitude.  Free brewed coffee as long as they think you are going purchase some coffee.  The plantation also grows macadamia nuts.

coffee plantation4

We walked down through the coffee trees and they were full of green coffee beans.  They start turning red and ready for roasting in September/October we were told.  Quite a view of the Pacific ocean from the coffee plantation.

Luau tonight and we had not been one in at least 15-20 years and now I remember why.  It was OK.   Food for 500, standing in line, people cutting in line, great surroundings, sweat, same price as 5 meals and Hawaiian entertainment  Glad we did it but it will be our last time.

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Day 2, Kona Hawaii, A No Car Day

Ten hours of deep sleep!  We were beat from out long trip from the mainland, getting settled in hotel, spending three hours with family and saying goodbye to Libby’s brother.  Also no time for our nap.

We decided it was our day to walk the miles of beach where  we are located and explore the local area and then meet with the family for dinner about a mile from our hotel.


We started out with a spectacular breakfast buffet which we added to our hotel package.  So much food and so little ability to eat it all.  Lots of American/Japanese food.  No ice sculpture or huge piles of crab legs, lobster tail or jumbo shrimp like we have had here before  but a great way to start the day.  Of course the breakfast buffet isn’t costing $75 per person either. LOL.

The ocean in front of our hotel was loaded with 27 snorkeling boats and a very active pod of dolphins who thought all of the attention they were getting was great fun.

We then did a two and half mile walk along the beach and enjoy a myriad of things including some homeless.  Mental illness, drug use, great weather and funding for non-profits who support the homeless make the problem a non-problem or an unsolvable issue.

We enjoyed our walk around the St. Michael the Arch Angel Catholic Church.  Peaceful, beautiful and very Hawaiian.  We will be attending mass there on Saturday evening.

St Mickeal Church HawaiiOn the way home we stopped at our favorite ABC store…one stop shopping for everything Hawaii including our very lite lunch.     Oh yes, a nice nap.

We finished off the day having a long enjoyable dinner with family.

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Day 1, Visit to Kona, Big Island Hawaii

The ocean just outside our hotel room is a mix of pink and blue as the sun is coming up behind us.  We are watching the world in the central pacific ocean slowly awake.

We are not here on vacation.  We are here to say goodbye to Libby’s brother who died unexpectedly here in Hawaii.  He had been ill for some time but it still came as a surprise when your younger siblings leave this world before you do.

20170809_083733.jpgWe arrived on our flight on time and until the wheels touched down…if that is what you call it…the plane bounced HARD and the fish-tailed  slamming on the brakes.  Kids were screaming and  the flight attendants were strapped in and had pasted on smiles on their faces.  The pilot got the big bird under control and stopped right near the end of the short runway which ended in the Pacific.  The Big Island just said “Aloha” to us.

Got our rental car.  Took the long slow drive to Kona and our hotel and checked into our hotel and then spent three hours with family and friends saying good-bye to Libby’s brother.  It was a sad but so good to all get together again.  20170810_060112.jpg

We slept 10 hours last night, falling asleep to the sound of the waves,  as we were exhausted.  We have that mixed feelings of sadness for our loss of a brother, happiness that he had 20+ years in such a beautiful place and a thankfulness that we can be here in such a beautiful place with his family.


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Heading to Hawaii…A Not Vacation

August 8, 2017

We will be finishing packing today for our trip to Hawaii.  It is not a vacation but a short stay to say goodbye to Libby’s brother who passed away unexpectedly.  We will be staying a few days on the Big Island where he lived many years.

The weather in Hawaii currently has been very hot and sticky;  90 and 78% humidity with a 10 mph trade wind which we hope will make it tolerable.

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Let the Sunrise Sooth the Soul

SunriseWhen you reach our age and the phone rings at 4 A.M., you wake up with a jerk and a feeling of dread.  You don’t recognize voice on the other end immediately but when you do, you know that the news is not good.  Someone very close in your family has died.  Add to that, the person that passed away is younger that you and the death was unexpected.  After the reality of what has occurred sinks in, you think about your relationship with the now missing family member.  Sometimes those thoughts come back for a long time to be mulled over again and again and for some.  For others,, the relationship was very clear even while living and the mulling is not necessary.

What certainly does come up for everyone is thoughts of your own mortality. Do you have everything prepared for your death to help your kids, grandkids and your friends?  Yes you do,  or nope I need to start working on this immediately.  That is the easy part.  The most difficult part is thinking about how much time you have left.  Its easier for those who have a deep faith that everything is taken care of with their relationship with God.

Not matter where one stands, I believe that finding time to sit quietly in your favorite place and watch the sun come up is a way to sooth one’s soul.  My favorite place is my back garden which is loaded with life this time of the year.  Fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds and the neighborhood cats making their early morning rounds .

The slow change of light from dark to light, the soft cool breeze and the beauty of it all  is a reminder that this celebration of life is available to you every day if you just take the time to enjoy.    It also is a good time to say goodbye to your recently departed .

The sun is up and my soul is soothed and its time do what needs to be done.  A time to plan and move on.


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