Heading to Hawaii…A Not Vacation

August 8, 2017

We will be finishing packing today for our trip to Hawaii.  It is not a vacation but a short stay to say goodbye to Libby’s brother who passed away unexpectedly.  We will be staying a few days on the Big Island where he lived many years.

The weather in Hawaii currently has been very hot and sticky;  90 and 78% humidity with a 10 mph trade wind which we hope will make it tolerable.

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Let the Sunrise Sooth the Soul

SunriseWhen you reach our age and the phone rings at 4 A.M., you wake up with a jerk and a feeling of dread.  You don’t recognize voice on the other end immediately but when you do, you know that the news is not good.  Someone very close in your family has died.  Add to that, the person that passed away is younger that you and the death was unexpected.  After the reality of what has occurred sinks in, you think about your relationship with the now missing family member.  Sometimes those thoughts come back for a long time to be mulled over again and again and for some.  For others,, the relationship was very clear even while living and the mulling is not necessary.

What certainly does come up for everyone is thoughts of your own mortality. Do you have everything prepared for your death to help your kids, grandkids and your friends?  Yes you do,  or nope I need to start working on this immediately.  That is the easy part.  The most difficult part is thinking about how much time you have left.  Its easier for those who have a deep faith that everything is taken care of with their relationship with God.

Not matter where one stands, I believe that finding time to sit quietly in your favorite place and watch the sun come up is a way to sooth one’s soul.  My favorite place is my back garden which is loaded with life this time of the year.  Fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds and the neighborhood cats making their early morning rounds .

The slow change of light from dark to light, the soft cool breeze and the beauty of it all  is a reminder that this celebration of life is available to you every day if you just take the time to enjoy.    It also is a good time to say goodbye to your recently departed .

The sun is up and my soul is soothed and its time do what needs to be done.  A time to plan and move on.


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Ryu Looking Sharp

Changing speeds from 93 to 71.

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Heading off to See the Dodgers Taking on the Minnesota Twins

I grew up with the Minnesota Twin and hated the Dodgers but things changed when the I moved to SoCal.  Libby is the world’s biggest Dodger Fan and we have great seats tonight.  Loge between Home Plate and Third Base.  Our old season seats when we lived in LA.  Go Dodgers!!!  We are cheering for Cleveland to lose so the Twins don’t lose ground!

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Epilogue 2…Driving Across the United States…2017

20170616_100915We are one of the few people in the world who have a Father who in a couple months will turn 100.  He enjoys visitors more than just about anything and that is the main reason we headed on this driving trip.  We had a good time with him, the brothers and sister, the nephews and nieces and even the great nephews and nieces.  Really good visit.

One of the things we noticed on this trip was that cost of food on the road.  First the good news.  No one comes even close to the cost of California.  Where has the price of eating out on the road gone up the most from our last trips?  North Dakota and Montana.  Could it be the money coming into those states from the energy business?

Service at the businesses we used on the road were exceptional.  Hotels, restaurants and every other place, the people were friendly,  helpful and very were happy with how things are going for them at home and work.  Funny…so different from what you hear on the cable news channels. 

20170616_163314Finally a very interesting story from this trip.  Our favorite restaurant for years on our trips is without a doubt is the Cracker Barrel. We have eaten at them all over the United States(three times this trip)  Never ate at one in California because there isn’t one.  Here is why.  Talking to a person directly involved in getting their first Cracker Barrel in California here is what is happening. 

Eight years ago, the company decided to try again in opening their first California restaurant this time in Victorville.  Great location on the 15 highway.  It is due to open maybe, hopefully, possibly by the end of this year.  Every thing that you can imagine to slow down a business from opening in a state was thrown in against the company.  They have finally broken ground and are going to stick with it to the bloody end. Sad isn’t it?

Finally, the trip is done but our memories about the experience will last as long as we are around. 

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Epilogue Part 1…Driving Across the United States 2017

We are home.  After 14 days of driving across 11 states…mostly western and mid-western states…we have many thoughts of who the United States is and changed in the past eight years when we took the same drive.  Our experiences are about simple things that we observed.. 

Infrastructure improvement is exploding across the West especially the upper mid-west.  Roads, hospitals, airports, colleges, and bridges.  North Dakota looks to using their windfall of taxes from their oil/gas bonanza to rebuild their state from scratch.  Montana seems to be right behind them.  The rest of the country should thank North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Texas and Oklahoma for all of the wealth they are providing the rest of the country.

The gas prices were an eye opener, $1.99 in Minnesota to $3.51 in California.  Looks like the far west state governments are taxing the heck out of their residents who use gasoline.

By the way, if you can, never drive through Denver or Las Vegas.  Horrible traffic any time of the day.  Matches Los Angeles or San Diego. 

The good news is that gas mileage on cars have improved dramatically in the past eight years.  We averaged over over 33 miles per gallon with the Honda CRV driving the speed limited.  One thing I noticed this trip was the impact driving into a 20 mph head wind has on your gas mileage.  Drops it from 33 to 25 mpg.  When are the car company engineers going to improve the aerodynamics of our vehicles?

Part 2 tomorrow on the food, service, hotels and family.



Day 13, Sunday…110 Degrees…Close Call

We left Pocatello, Idaho at 630 a.m. and arrived in St. George, Utah at 3 p.m.  From 55 degrees to 110 degrees.  Big change.

We had the only close call on the whole trip today.  A pickup truck doing quite a bit over the 80 mph limit decided to merge into me from the fast lane.  To survive I shot over into the shoulder and the “stoner” missed me.  Did the same thing to someone else about 1/2 mile up the road too.  Wasn’t our time yet. 

We took a nap after we arrived and then headed off to the Cracker Barrel and had their Chicken Sunday Supper.  Oh my goodness was it good!


Home tomorrow by mid-afternoon.  Great trip.  Glad to get home.


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