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Day 9, Turtle Races…Wild Weather!

Up this morning and we met the family in the resort town where we are staying, Perham, Minnesota.  Every Wednesday during the season they have turtle races for the kids.  The population of the town jumps from 3000 to 5000 as it off to the races. 

20170621_121336  20170621_121127After the races we headed to a favorite hangout on a lake called Zorba’s.  No it’s not Greek, it’s a pizza place with Mexican food.  Yep, one of a kind.  We all had a great couple of hours visiting and eating.

We hit our hotel for a vacation nap and then off to the Lake and then it happened.  I always tease Libby that she is a tornado magnet.  I am not kidding, every trip we take in the summer in states that have tornados, we hit tornados.  Well, we arrived at the lake and the weather alert on my phone went off..  Tornado on way.  It missed us by 15 miles including its golf ball sized hail.  We are back now in our hotel and the bad weather is SUPPOSED to be over in an hour.  Lets hope


Tomorrow we are headed for the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca. 

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The Day Before the Trip…June 2017

June 12, 2017, Monday, 0510

Altimeter Reading – 2733

High Desert Foothills in Palmdale CA

Miles today N/A , Mileage Gas prices $2.79(Costco),


The sun is just coming up in a very cool 46 degree morning in the Antelope Valley.  Crazy to be wearing a long sleeve shirt and thick workout pants when the weather by this weekend is predicted to be 109.

Buy day today.  Bringing the Honda into the car wash for a wash, wax and interior cleanup.  Libby tells me I am a bit off as in two hours after take off tomorrow it will be covered with bugs and road grim anyway but, it is just my way.

Meeting with the folks who are watching our house and our animals while we are gone.  Setting up protections etc. 

Major packing will occur and final clean up around here will be done.  Getting the ice and filling the car with gas later this evening

Getting excited. 

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Great Fishing and Baseball…Terrible Public Transport Experience, Day 3, San Diego


May 20, 2017, Saturday

The weather was spectacular out on the pier in the morning.  Ten MPH breeze with a clear blue skies and 75 temperature.  No fish but what a great two hours surrounded by ocean and perfect weather.  PS. Not a fish to be had. 


Had a quiet mid day and even a nap.  We then had a uneventful ride on the San Diego Transportation System to the the Padres stadium for $1.50 each way for seniors($2.50 for the rest of the riders).  The Padres are a terrible team, worst in all of baseball but the stadium and food are good. 

Where things went wrong was the ride home. 

20170520_200417Someone forgot there was a Padres game with 25,000 people many who rode the public transportation to the game.  The train came 40 minutes late to pick up the riders. The crush of riders was so great that even handicapped people had no seats.  The worst was the drunks and stoners who were so loud and used obscene language that people were not feeling safe and the many children on the train were wide-eyed.  That was two straight occurrences of this kind of activity I have experiences on the public transportation in San Diego. 

I must say that it is as bad or worse than New York City underground. European public transport much better.  One of the few complaints I have about San Diego. 

Overall a great day and as often happen, traveling reminds you how nice your home is.



A Week of Celebration of 40 Years of Marriage…in the Gold County of the High Sierra’s

When Libby and I got married 40 years ago, we certainly were not planning what we were going to be doing to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

Over the 40 years we both had great careers, had two kids, three grand kids and traveled the world.  The kids are self-sufficient and are looking like they are going to fare even better then us in their careers and grand kids are doing great in school. 

When we approached the big 40th wondered what should we do to celebrate?  There was no question the celebration would revolve around the family as we found over 40 years that that was by far the most important to us.  But where, when and how could we get everyone together?  How about a week in Disneyworld or Disneyland?  Grand kids would love it.  How about renting a flat in London/Paris/Barcelona and enjoy ourselves with the European way of life?  What did you say the airfare was and have you ever flown with a 5 year old for 11 hours?

To make a long story short, we rented a 5 bed room house deep in California’s High Sierra mountains and the “gold country.”  Only a 7 hour drive and an addition plus, it is very close to Libby’s sister and her husband and an hour from a very close friend who lives there too. 

Everyone enthusiastically agreed and we all arrived yesterday ready to spend a week together.  Stay in touch with us on the blog and  see what a week long celebration of 40 years of marriage is like.

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The Ozarks, Arkansas, Bugs, Stains and Beauty.

It is dark outside at 6:45 a.m. as I write this in the empty breakfast room of a little hotel outside a town of 700 people.  The hotel parking lots was full of white pickup’s with names of companies that the hotel guests worked for.  We might have been one of the few tourists.

We stayed here as this hotel had the best ranking of all of the 5 hotels in the area.  Here is what the top ranking got us;  (full)bug traps in the room, stained carpet, powerful smell of smoke in the room and a breakfast of donuts and instant coffee.  A real vacation haven.  Typical experience in staying in Best Western hotel.  Our best hotel in this trip so far was a Best Western(Arizona) and the worst(Arkansas).

Enough bitching, we slept like a log…540 mile driving days…have a tendency to do that to you no matter where you are. 

The Ozarks are beautiful with its tree covered rolling hills that are just starting to change colors.  From here we are heading to Springfield, Mo. to visit the fourth of our basketball transfers at Drury University.

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San Diego, July 2015…Day Three and Four

20150704_122919Day 3 was the fourth of the July.  Alex and I walked a mile to get fresh donuts for a very light breakfast at the kids home.  Then about noon, we headed to the Hillcrest area of San Diego and had a great brunch at Chocolat Restaurant. 

A restful, nap and a long swim in the pool.

20150704_183302Late afternoon we headed to Shelter Island, got free parking, had an outstanding dinner at the Pomodoro Restaurant one of the best in San Diego.  Oh so good.

Then to the bay to watch the20150704_210247 wonderful fireworks display.  Great day.

Day 4 Sunday and church.  A very quiet day.  Swimming, nap, church, reading a book.  Getting ready for our trip home. 

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Spring in Salt Lake City, Day 3, 3/24/2014

 A very busy day.  Up at 7 am and had a good breakfast at the 20150324_111057hotel and then we headed off to Park City.  Park City is supposed to be the best place around of skiing this time of the year.  Not this year.  Without snow machines skiing would have been done.  The restaurant’s and stores are still going strong and it was a great visit.  Unless 20150324_095057there is a very big change of the weather very soon, I expect skiing will not make it to mid-April.

The drive to Park City to Provo is spectacular.  The Provo Canyon is wonderful.

We made it home to the motel by 2 pm and took a very short nap at they were working on a fixing a busted water pipe with lots of noise.  Oh well.

20150324_185921Last night was our wild night for dinner.  Hot pot Chinese food.  First time for Libby and me.  The hole in the wall is just down the street for Brigham Young University who sports a large Chinese student population and the restaurant was full of hungry students. 

The dinner took us one and half hours as we cooked our own food at our table.  Seafood, beef, pork, eggs, vegetables, spam, noodles and rice.  So unique and delicious. 

Definitely will eat there again. 

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