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Christmas in Minnesota 2011-Minneapolis


We arrived on time into Minneapolis and all was good…until we arrived at our hotel…the Holiday Inn Express in Bloomington.  It was around 85 degrees in our room and it was a centrally controlled heat.  The thermostat did not work.  The front desk apologized but it just was too warm outside and they suggested that we “open the window.”  They brought a fan into the room and by the time we fell asleep, it 42 in the room.  Down 43 degrees.  Slept well. 

The hotel must be old as plug-in on the desk did not work either.  Oh well, the bed was great.  We just finished breakfast and about ready to head to the folks.  Great clear weather.  More soon.

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Christmas in Minnesota 2011. LAX

We arrived at the airport in 1 and a half hours.  Little or no traffic.  Now a 4 hour wait till our plane leaves.  No one at the Sun Country counter.  Had to walk about a half mile to get McDonald’s burger for Libby and me.

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Christmas in Minnesota 2011

We just arrived in the Airport Express office.  I refuse to drive to LAX ANY more.  More to come.

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