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Summer 2013 is Here

2013-06-07 06.31.30_thumb[1]

I am sitting in my backyard drinking coffee with my laptop watching the neighborhood come alive.   Ravens, humming birds, starlings, mocking birds, turtle doves and all other sorts of birds fill the flowering trees and bushes. 

The temperature at 5:30 a.m. is 70 degrees as the sun is coming up.  Flowers, tomatoes, string beans, green peppers, hot peppers grow in the garden.  The air is full of odors of chives, basal, cilantro and parsley.  Every morning as I sit here I realize how blessed we are. 

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Family Day…June 1, 2013

We made two out of three great family get together’s yesterday. 

2013-06-01 11.16.47We left home at 7 am to drive the 80 miles to Ventura to see our god-son graduate from high school.

We then roared home to celebrate our youngest and only girl 2013-06-01 14.22.05grandchild’s thirds birthday.







We missed out nephew’s wedding in Austin Minnesota.  Congratulations. 

Great family day.

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