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Preparing for Austria, 2016

We are preparing for our longest trip of the year.  Heading off to Austria for 15 days.  It is one of the few countries in Europe that we have not visited in the last 20 years. 

We have rented an apartment in the foothills of the Alps and about 30 miles from Salzburg by train.  We haven’t and don’t plan to make a lot firm plans on where we go daily.  Instead, we will be taking things as they come.  ‘We have found over the years of travel that the unexpected are the best things on a trip.

The apartment has a full kitchen, dining area, living room and bedroom and bath of course.  Also an outdoor patio where we can sit an enjoy the valley and mountain. 

As usual, the hardest part of traveling in the Fall is what kind of clothes to pack.  When we leave here it will be right around 100 degrees., Salzburg has been 69 high and 59 low with rain.  When we went to Paris a couple of years ago, we packed Fall clothes as that  was how the weather looked before we took off.  Ooops.  10 days in the 80+ with 70% humidity.  Hot and miserable.  Should be fun to see what we find this year. 

  Well, more later. 

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Trip to Reagan Library 2016!AqOyi95Y0lyJgqoBGC0aEEdR2lIj0A

Truly a joy especially with the Vatican Splendor exhibit.

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