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Day 6, Hawaii, Monday, Heading Home

Up a 5 A.M. and the ocean outside was still very dark.  It was clear that it was going to be a long day home.  We finished what little packing we had left and then went down for breakfast in the hotel and went back up to the room and looked one more time for the “kids” which by this time we call the dolphins.  No such luck.  They were probably hunting in another bay.  We have to thank them for all the enjoyment they gave us over the last six days. 

On our way to the airport and it was smooth as we checked the car in and then checked in for our flight.  We are always irritated by the amount of carry-on luggage people drag on the plane but, when the airlines started charging $25.00 a bag for luggage who can blame them.  My guess is that 75% of all passengers on these flights to and from Hawaii only have carry-on to save a few bucks. 50 pounds of carry-on in the cabin instead of the luggage compartment. Bad decision airlines. 

The plane is about 80% full and I have no leg room but I am getting used to that but still hate it.  .  Also packing our own snacks and meals now as none are available.  A grey-hound bus is more comfortable but limited high ways to Hawaii from California.  Half way to the west coast now that I have finished complaining. 

We arrived at LAX and all went well with luggage.  Our Fly Away Bus was full and the traffic in the airport was a mess.  Finally caught the Fly Away, drove home and arrived home just before midnight.  Tiny Tina was beside herself to have us home again. 

Glad we went on this trip to say goodbye to Libby’s brother but very good to be home. 




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Day 5, Sunday in Hawaii, Goodbye to Family, Ocean Colors, Trade Winds and Good Food

We said goodbye to our family who remain on Hawaii and we remember our loss as well.  Its always tough to say goodbye for good. 

It was our last full day on Hawaii.  We decided to stay right around the hotel and the ocean to soak in all of the things that we don’t have at home in the Desert.  The constantly changing colors of the ocean from multi hue-blues, turquoise, sea foam green and grey.  As we soak up the colors we simultaneously enjoy the trade winds with the smell of salt, flowers and the tropics.  I think we have all of those sensory inputs locked in hopefully till the next time we come here under happier circumstances.   hawaii hotel

Things will never be the same for us now when we visit Hawaii.  Libby’s brother will not be with us in body but will always be with us in our memories.  That is one of the ways that we all will continue in this world when we pass on is in the memories of our relatives and friends. 

Tonight we decided we were hungry for Italian food.  Yep, Italian food in Hawaii.  We went to eat at Mi’s Restaurant on the beach.   Supposed to be the best on the Big Island.


I do believe it was the best meal we have had in five days.  For me Cioppino filled with every kind of seafood in a tomato based sauce your can imagine.  So good.  Lib had her favorite Pasta Prima Vera, so creamy with a glass of wine and a shared Crème Brule.   All served right on the beach. 

The evening came to an end sitting on our veranda looking over the dark ocean.  Best way I can think of ending our last night on Hawaii and our final goodbye to a brother.



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Epilogue 2…Driving Across the United States…2017

20170616_100915We are one of the few people in the world who have a Father who in a couple months will turn 100.  He enjoys visitors more than just about anything and that is the main reason we headed on this driving trip.  We had a good time with him, the brothers and sister, the nephews and nieces and even the great nephews and nieces.  Really good visit.

One of the things we noticed on this trip was that cost of food on the road.  First the good news.  No one comes even close to the cost of California.  Where has the price of eating out on the road gone up the most from our last trips?  North Dakota and Montana.  Could it be the money coming into those states from the energy business?

Service at the businesses we used on the road were exceptional.  Hotels, restaurants and every other place, the people were friendly,  helpful and very were happy with how things are going for them at home and work.  Funny…so different from what you hear on the cable news channels. 

20170616_163314Finally a very interesting story from this trip.  Our favorite restaurant for years on our trips is without a doubt is the Cracker Barrel. We have eaten at them all over the United States(three times this trip)  Never ate at one in California because there isn’t one.  Here is why.  Talking to a person directly involved in getting their first Cracker Barrel in California here is what is happening. 

Eight years ago, the company decided to try again in opening their first California restaurant this time in Victorville.  Great location on the 15 highway.  It is due to open maybe, hopefully, possibly by the end of this year.  Every thing that you can imagine to slow down a business from opening in a state was thrown in against the company.  They have finally broken ground and are going to stick with it to the bloody end. Sad isn’t it?

Finally, the trip is done but our memories about the experience will last as long as we are around. 

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Day 13, Sunday…110 Degrees…Close Call

We left Pocatello, Idaho at 630 a.m. and arrived in St. George, Utah at 3 p.m.  From 55 degrees to 110 degrees.  Big change.

We had the only close call on the whole trip today.  A pickup truck doing quite a bit over the 80 mph limit decided to merge into me from the fast lane.  To survive I shot over into the shoulder and the “stoner” missed me.  Did the same thing to someone else about 1/2 mile up the road too.  Wasn’t our time yet. 

We took a nap after we arrived and then headed off to the Cracker Barrel and had their Chicken Sunday Supper.  Oh my goodness was it good!


Home tomorrow by mid-afternoon.  Great trip.  Glad to get home.


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Day 13, Saturday…46 degrees to 83 degrees


This is a shot out of our window in our hotel in Miles City, Montana.  Less than 50 yards from our hotel, this small herd of Herford cattle decided to eat some grass.  Love traveling in the West.  Add to that when we took off today, we saw a Bald Eagle fly over the Yellowstone river looking for fish and seven Antelope busily munching in a field of soy beans.  So many wild creatures in this state. 

Image result for photo bald eagle Image result for Antelope Family

A stop at the confluence of the Little Big Horn and Yellowstone Rivers where Custer and his troops were massacred. 


The ride today was 536 miles that ranged from 7100 to 4608 feet.  Best gas mileage 0f the trip 35.6 mpg today mostly due to over 200 miles of two lane roads with speed always under 65 mph.

We are now in a very comfortable room in Pocatello, Idaho.  Tomorrow a relatively short drive….465 miles…to St. George, Utah.

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Days 10, 11…Last Full Day…On the Way Back

Day 10, 2017 Last full day in Minnesota.

Wednesday was our day to visit the We then spent head waters of the Mississippi River in northern Minnesota. Outstanding park with 45 miles of hiking trails and sites. We really enjoyed our trip.


We spent the evening with our family at Dead Lake. Great family time the whole trip.


Day 11, 2017 Friday, Day 1 of driving home on the Northern route.

We left our hotel by 0615 and it was cold and windy. 40 mph wind and 53 degrees. Guess what? That was the whole day. Ramming the car directly into a 40 mph gale which led to 25 mpg gas mileage for the day. Add to that we climbed over a 1000 feet in altitude to our current location of Mills City, Montana. Now up to 2390 feet. Still not as high as home yet. P.S. Congratulations to the State of Minnesota for having the cheapest gas on our trip. $1.99.

We stopped for lunch in Dickenson, ND where we have sent four basketball players on scholarships…two woman and two men to Dickerson State University. We headed to a Thai 20170623_124149restaurant where the internet say the student from the University eat their food. So true, we ran into two football player from SoCal who had lots of questions on things on California. We enjoyed our visit.

Finally, one of our stop was at Teddy Roosevelt National Park in the far west of North Dakota. Georgious place with lots of bison.

Tomorrow, 530 miles to Pocatello, Idaho.

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Thoughts on the Long Driving Trip

June 6, 2017

Only days away from our 4000+ mile driving trip, we have been having some thoughts about the trip itself. 

Not traveling more than 550 miles a day has made our driving trips much easier to handle at our age.  We are on the road 10-11 hours but make multiple stops, take walks at the stops and pull over to see thing that look interesting. 

Using technology on the trip makes the trip easier and more enjoyable.  We are using our blue tooth phones to stream our favorite music from Amazon all across country and listen to books that we both enjoy.  First book on the agenda for us is Charles Dickens, “Nickolas Nickelby.”

We added a couple of things on our “to do” list on this trip; Monitor the cost of things by state that have to do with traveling.  Gas, lodging and food costs certainly on the list.

Being we are both diabetic’s and must eat at regularly so we are going to use local supermarkets with deli’s and local park for our meals. Some of our favorite memories have memories have occurred in the small town parks and stores.  Chased by geese, begging dogs, and friendly people who just wanted to talk.

Getting close!

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