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“Dust in the Wind”…Thoughts From the Ocean

Every year we head down to Ventura and the Pacific Ocean a few times for fresh fish, a basketball tournament or just to get away from the desert heat.

This morning I took a two mile walk from my hotel along the ocean.  Had my head phones on listening to my “tunes” from the 60’s.  One of the songs that jumped out at me was “Dust in the Wind” which talks about how insignificant we really are. “Only the wind and the earth survive.”  The big waves were powering their way onto the beach today showing the real power of the earth.

All along the way I ran into the “Dust in the Wing” including myself.  The homeless of all ages, high on drugs, often in a different world with their so call mental illness.  The young with that with that look of fear of the future and their expectation to live forever or die tomorrow. 

The old people walking slowly out on pier some smiling with their partner or with a look of the inevitability of death and looking back on their life.

For me, walking fast getting that daily exercise in fight off age’s infirmity.  Death is inevitable but I want my life to be full of energy and motion till it is my time to go.  

Sounds depressing doesn’t it.  Not really as I seldom have the proclivity of looking back at mistakes rather to remember the joys I have had. 

A mix of looking back and forward today…the ocean always does that to me.  Looking back to the first time this farm boy from Minnesota saw the ocean and looking forward how good it is to be healthy and happy at 71.  Love having the expectations of being that happy and healthy “Dust in the wind.”

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Posted by on November 5, 2016 in California