Minnesota -Trip One – 2108

I am heading out on a five day solo trip starting tomorrow to Minnesota to visit my 100 year old Dad.  Flying Sun Country Airline as usual and staying a night in Minneapolis and three nights in West Central Minnesota.  Hope I can get my card skills back up as Dad enjoys beating me in cards.

More starting tomorrow.  PS.  Weather is supposed nice, 70-50 degrees all five days.

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Unexpected Trip to San Diego(April 17-19, 2018)

We jumped in the car yesterday to spend three days in San Diego to celebrate some great news with the kids/grand son…more on this later.

The drive was one of the fastest we have experienced in our many trips here.  Especially for the 194 miles on some of the worst traffic roads in the United States;  138, 215 and the 15 in less than three hours.

Unpacked, took a afternoon nap and then visited and had dinner with the kids.  Took a hour walk and knocked off early last night. Getting ready for breakfast.

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“Spring Break” For Us Seniors 2018

April 2, 2018, Monday

laughlin2Watching the sun come up from the tenth floor over looking the rushing Colorado River in Laughlin, NV.  What a way to start to start our second day of Spring Break.

We drove yesterday the 264 miles to Laughlin, NV on highway 40 which sports more semi-trucks than cars through the Mojave Desert.  Easy on cruise control at 70 mph.  Checked in early and unpacked and took our afternoon nap.  Headed out to dinner and the slots were friendly last night.

We ended the evening sitting with our winnings and drink overlooking the river.  Great time first day.  Party animals!

April 3, 2018, Tuesday

oatman 2018-3We are starting to meet a lot of people in our hotel and I wonder why…so many are from Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.  Something about 7 months of snow and good connection on Sun Country Airline to Laughlin, AZ?

We headed out to Oatman, AZ a Ghost town full of tourists and wild donkeys.  Great fun.  A long drive from Oatman to Kingman, AZ where we enjoyed a great meal at the Cracker Barrel.

Gambling has been a brake even affair so far.

April 4, 2018, Wednesday

20180405_092923.jpgStayed in town today and walked up and down the Colorado River walk and visiting most of the hotels.  Stopped at our favorite discount mall that doesn’t discount anything and of course got our afternoon nap in.  Quarter machines doing relatively well…92 degrees outside…very nice.

Each night we sit along the river and people watch.  Reminds us a lot of the Rhine river where we did the same thing in Germany for two weeks 4 years ago.  So restful and makes one very thankful how lucky we are.

April 5, 2018, Thursday

Today is our 65 mile each way excursion down the river to the London Bridge in the Jet Boat.  40 MPH most of the way.  Petrographs, wild animals, beautiful scenery and so worth the $70.00 each round trip.  Its hard to believe that the original London Bridge was brought piece by piece from London to Arizona by ship and truck.

The gambling gods must have known that it was our last evening there in casinos so the $100+ we were ahead disappeared.  We left the casino $4.00 up in four days between the two of us.  Big winners. LOL

April 6, 2018, Friday

Checked out by 730 a.m..  Breakfast at McD’s and on the road home by 8 a.m..  Easy ride home and Tiny Tina had us back by 1:30 p.m..  Great trip.


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Another Shot at our Late Winter Vacation

We cancelled our planned trip to Reno, Nevada due to rain, snow, and even ice a couple weeks ago.  Just above Reno they received five feet of snow in the mountains so it was probably a good idea to cancel for us desert drivers.  .

We have come up with another minni-vacation plan to a place we have enjoyed over the years, Laughlin, Nevada on the 1450 mile long Colorado River.   A 254 mile drive through the desert down highway 40.

Laughlin is known by many as the “old people’s home” for gamblers and in many ways, that may be true.  Lots of snow birds from the mid-west have parked their trailers in the area for the winter.  On the other hand, we look at the area for its weather this time of the year, expected 80 degrees while we are there.


We decided to stay at the Aquarius hotel one of the newer hotels for one reason only, free Wi-Fi.  All the other hotels charge for Wi-Fi in the room just like Las Vegas.

We will probably gamble a little but very little as we have other places we will visit instead.

  1. Oatman, Az a famous ghost town on Route 66.
  2. Kingman, Az and a meal at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant one of our favorite places to eat.
  3. Hiking along the Colorado River.
  4. A drive down the river to Lake Havasu with the original London Bridge and its shoppingtourist areas.
  5. Star-gazing outside the bright lights of the casino’s.  We haven’t seen the Milky Way for many a year.

Will keep you informed how things go to our desert trip and for you high rollers and big spenders you might want to skip this trip.  Room rates at this hotel one of the highest in town under $50.00 a night.  LOL.



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Canceling the Trip to Reno

We were looking forward to leaving on our driving trip to Reno, Nevada tomorrow but, we canceled it due to projected weather forecast.  Three days our of five a mix of snow, ice and rain.  Not a Minnesota winter driver any more.  LOL

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San Diego, 2018, Days 3 and 4 of Birthday Trip

San Diego March18 (14)Wrapping up our four day visit to San Diego,  celebrating birthdays, and always finding new things to do.

Here is birthday boy Alex who is 12  eating his favorite dish of a pineapple stuffed with Thai food.  We enjoy watching Alex racing his remote control cars with his Dad and of course beating him.

The drive home on Monday morning was relatively uneventful except for 3-4 slowdowns on the usual place.  Great trip.

San Diego March18 (15)


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Day 2 San Diego Trip 1, 2018, Polish Sausage

A good night of sleep and we were ready to head off for day of exploring San Diego.  The sky opened up in the morning on and off as the end of the rain storm rolled through San Diego and the rest of the day was cloudy on and off.

Luke decided to head out and do some surfing but was back in no time at all as the beaches were closed due to runoff from the rain storm which is contaminated with human wastes and other things.  Have thousands and thousands homeless on your streets like California has in all of its coastal cities, outbreaks like hepatitis in the regular population are not uncommon.  Better to be safe than sorry on the beach after rain storm even when our whole family has been immunized for hepatitis.

We decided to head out to eat at a famous restaurant on Bankers Hill in San Diego; Hob Knob Hill that was featured Drive-in, Diners and Dives.  We waited over an hour to get a table for 5.  Staff was great, Service was slow and the food was great…from the 40’s and 50’s…which means rich and lots.  I had ribs and the rest of the family had a late breakfast.

hob knob hill

Ended the day with quiet evening with our kids and grand boy.  Oh yes, I took a two mile walk to get some exercise and pick up some home-made (polish sausage) for dinner.

polish sausage

Busy day.

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