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2014 in review: why the oil price fell

From The Economist Espresso: 2014 in review: why the oil price fell

They always get criticize…oil companies…a thanks here though for increasing oil output in spite of governmental interference.  Now though,  start dropping those airline tickets airlines!  It will increase travel.

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Home at Last…Thank You Sun Country Airlines


We spent the Christmas weeks flying back and forth to Minnesota. The first visit was to visit my Mom when she became acutely ill with a heart attack. 

After she stabilize we flew back home and four days later she passed away and we were back in the air heading to Minnesota.

We buried her in farmlands she loved in fresh snow, bright sunshine and 7 degree temperatures.

We must compliment Sun Country Airline for the great four non-stop flights we had between LAX and MSP airports.  Outstanding service all the way and always on time. 

We arrived in LA yesterday morning at 9:14 a.m. and when we got back home we fell into a deep coma as we were up in Minneapolis at 2:30 a.m. LA time.  All is well here

Even after the 100’s of flights I have taken in my life, I am still fascinated by distance one can travel in such a short time.  Interestingly, the return flight brought back memories of my first flight at age 21 out of Minneapolis on Braniff  Airlines…long gone…heading for the Viet Nam war. 

Love travel!  Love returning home!  Thinking of you Mom.

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On the Way Home

I was hard to leave Dad alone without Mom even though he has cared for her for the past five+ years.  Seventy two years with Mom and now he is alone.  Its always been very hard for Dad to take offered help.  Independence is engrained all the way to the marrow of his bones.  Taking help is a sign of weakness.  The weeks and months to come will be very important to Dad.  A special thanks to every one for all they have done in this difficult time. 

Our plane leaves early tomorrow morning for Los Angeles. 

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Thanks to All of You

Libby and I would like to thank all of our friends, family, acquaintances and blog readers for the kind words and assistance you have given us.  We buried Mom today with the bright sun shining on the fresh fallen snow in 8 degree weather.   We will start a new phase of our life with out Mom.

Again thanks.  Miss you Mom.

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Final Thoughts for Christmas 2014

I have never had a Christmas like the Christmas of 2014 and will never will again as you can lose your Mother only once.

We are within an hour and half of Minnesota and just finished our meal on the plane.  Left on time and I got an hour of much needed sleep on the very smooth flight so far.  We are expecting snow when we land and lost week when we landed, we landed in snow.  Those Sun Country pilots must be ready for anything in winter. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our friends, family and acquaintances.  Thank you all for all of your support for Libby and me in this difficult time.  

We are here in our motel at midnight.

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Christmas at the Airport

A special day.  Every parking lot full around the airport.  Even lot C which holds 7200 cars
  Finally found a place for $22.00 a day.  Fun surprise.  Boarding in 30 minutes.

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(MOM)More Mom Memories…Merry Christmas

imageIt was a cold windy afternoon in  November and  the corn was picked and it was time to plow before the ground froze.  Dad was on the M-Farmall with the three bottom plow, I was on the H- was Farmall pulling a two bottom plow.  It was getting to be around 3 pm and it was tea time.  Sure enough, here came Mom in the car slowly driving along the dirt track to where we were plowing.  Tea, sandwiches, cookies.  Wonder how many thousands of time Mom brought lunch out to the men working in the field. 

imageMom had enough.  Brother Dave was tormenting me again… never the other way around.  Out of the house came Mom armed with a broom.  We were going to get a swat.  She didn’t see our forever favorite dog “Bobbie” who was always with Dave and I.  Thump!  The broom came down.  Snap!  Bobbie went into protective mode and bit Mom in the butt.  Mom’s fury went into high gear against that dog.  He stayed just ahead of the swing broom and headed into the grove.  Bobby go lots of treats and pets that night from Dave and I.

imageTHE COWS ARE OUT!!!!  Dad was never happy when that happened.  The troops were called out including the kids, the dog and of course Mom.  Even though we could never do any thing right according to Dad in the cow round up , we always got the cows back in.

She was one of the best bakers in the Grussing family.  Pies,image cakes, bars and cookies.  Remember her sour crème raisin pie?  How about the world famous spice cake!  Apple bars and monster cookies. If they have a dessert bar in heaven, Mom will be running it.

Miss you Mom.   


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