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Planning Two More Trips This Year(2017)

With our next trip fully planned, a 14 day driving jaunt of 4000 miles that covers thirteen states, I have been planning two more trips.  One a 9-day cross country visit to the Washington D.C. area and a four day 100th birthday party trip for my Dad in Minnesota. 

Washington D.C. Trip

Image result for photo washington mallWe decided to stay in the United States this year as the flights to Europe are such a pain.  If I could afford first class air fare, things wouldn’t be so painful but, the cost for this addition doubles the price of the trip.  What a pain. 

So instead, we decided to head to the center of our Federal Government, Washington D.C..  This will be our third trip there but we feel we have barely scratched the surface of the things to see. 

This trip will be very different from prior trips.  We will not have a car.  We will be using Uber, We rented a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs within walking distance of supermarkets, restaurants and the train system that will take us directly into Washington, D.C. within in 20 minutes.  The cost of of our apartment is 1/2 or less than a hotel in D.C., we will be saving a chunk of $$$$ on food with our own kitchen and no rental car or parking costs.  This is how we do it on our trips to Europe so we figured we might as well see how it works here the United States.

100th Birthday Party(Minnesota)

20170429_121009We will be making our third trip this year to Minnesota, this time for Dad’s 100th birthday.  Four days with our daughter, we traveled there with our son earlier this year,

The cost for airfare to Minnesota is more than to Washington D.C.. Plus, renting a car is key as we must drive 100+ miles to the small farm town where Dad lives. 

We are all looking forward to this trip as we are expected see a good part of the community who are always supportive to family and friends. 

More later. 



Day 2-14, Minnesota Trip 2014

No pictures as this trip ended up to be a working time with family.  Our 4000+ mile trip really was quite pleasant on the road except for the weather.  The Honda CRV gets great gas mileage…about 34 miles per gallon overall.  Comfortable vehicle for a small car.  No close calls.  Lots of bad weather including tornados and hail storms.  Add some of the heaviest rain I have ever driven in. 

The stay in Minnesota attempting to work with family was less comfortable and successful.  One must expect there are times that what is best for everyone not always works out no matter how logical it is. 

Even though I am nearly 70 I am still learning. This trip learning experience? When you have children who love and want the best for you.  When you have children who know about the resources and how to use them. Things do not workout due to lack of trust.   “Old Age ends up being a sad source of irony.” 



Minnesota 2013, Day 13, Wednesday

On the way home.  We left Perham, MN at 615 a.m. and arrived in Grand Island, Neb. at 2013-08-07 09.26.47545 p.m..  545 miles about 300 on back roads.  Great weather and great trip. 

We stopped for breakfast in a town called Sisseton, ND and at at Billey’s Café.  All locals and nearly all retired, good food.

2013-08-07 13.00.14Back roads continued and then we stopped for sandwiches we made in a park in Irene, North Dakota. Libby’s sister will laugh.  360 people.

The temperature went up to 87 on the trip…much warmer than northern Minnesota. 

Arrived in Grand Island and ordered a pizza and hit the shower.  Now watching the Dodgers who lead St. Louis by 6 runs.  Great day.



Minnesota 2013, Day 4, Tuesday

We work up early..6 a.m…at Pierre, S.D..  We looked out of the window and there was very heavy fog outside.  Figured it was ground fog from the Missouri River which was just 100 yards from the hotel.  Wrong about that.  After filling with gas, we drove 100 miles in the fog.  Not comfortable driving at all but luckily little or no traffic on two lane HI way 85. 

We drove till we hit a town of called Redfield.  It was a slowly dying town that at one time was 8000 souls.  Now it was 3000 people and the down town is now only 1 1/2 blocks long.  The main importance of the town is it pheasants.  The area around Redfield was seeded with the Chinese pheasants early in the last century…first place in US.  The town in hunting season jumps to 6000 people who come every year to harvest the peasants.  As we were driving through the area, there were pheasants everywhere. 

We found a bakery, according to the owner, one of only 5 remaining small time bakeries in South Dakota.  He is says he will be retiring in 3 years and then there will be four. 

Arrived at Dad and Mom’s house at 1:30 pm and unpacked and brother Dave and Kathy arrived with Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Hit the sack early at 9 p.m.

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Minnesota 2013, Day 3, Monday

What a great day!  We took off from Rawlins, Wyoming after a great night of sleep and a breakfast at the Diner.  We drove through two states;  Wyoming and South Dakota over 530 miles.  The Honda out did itself today.  Nearly all of the 500+ miles were on 2 lane highways on cruise control at 65.  Are you ready?  41.4 mpg!  Crazy.  This is a full size Accord.  Who needs a battery powered car?

2013-07-28 20.17.33Wyoming and South Dakota are green.  Lots of rain and creeks and rivers are full.  There are so many deer and prong horned antelopes around that it is unbelievable.  Last night I was walking about a block from our hotel in Rawlins and what did I see?  A young doe deer.  Wasn’t a bit afraid of me and walked into a storage lot and started eating grass.  The prong horns are so fat that I am worried that prairie dogs might catch them. 

Had one of our best meals of our trip tonight in Pierre, SD.  We ate at a Italian Restaurant called “Redrossa.”  Great food.  Tomorrow, 5 hours to the folks in Minnesota. 

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Deeeeeeeeep Breath!

We are 5 days away from our second trip of the year.  Just got back from San Dimas, California following a two day summer JUCO basketball tournament.  Great fun even in a 105 degree temperature gyms. 

Now packing.  We have decided to travel with our new duffle bags as this is a laid back trip…no fancy restaurants or hotels…traveling on back roads of Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and fishing in northern in Northern Minnesota.  My kind of trip!  Short driving days of 500 miles a day of less.

Another nice thing, cheaper gas and food in every state.  Good ol’ Cali.

Stay tuned. 



Minnesota Driving 2011, Day 14

Monday, Trip Home, 400 miles two lane

We were up at 0530 and left at 0550 and hit our first and only detour at Clara City on HI way 23.  We went through Sacred Heart and then on to the North Platte, Nebraska.  It was about 550 miles with 400 of them on two lane roads. 

Our complete day was surrounded by motorcycles.  The Sturgis Rally is on and the bikes were coming in from every directions.  Quite a sight.

sand hill1 sand hill2

We had our main meal at Valentine, Nebraska and especially enjoyed our ride through the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  We never would have believed how green they are.  

We ended up in North Platte, NB at 1730.  I just got back from a two mile walk to get some fresh fruit for our light dinner meal.  Hope to sleep good tonight and then another early start tomorrow.  We are climbing and should be through the high plains of Wyoming…7000 ft.…tomorrow.

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