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Day 6, Hawaii, Monday, Heading Home

Up a 5 A.M. and the ocean outside was still very dark.  It was clear that it was going to be a long day home.  We finished what little packing we had left and then went down for breakfast in the hotel and went back up to the room and looked one more time for the “kids” which by this time we call the dolphins.  No such luck.  They were probably hunting in another bay.  We have to thank them for all the enjoyment they gave us over the last six days. 

On our way to the airport and it was smooth as we checked the car in and then checked in for our flight.  We are always irritated by the amount of carry-on luggage people drag on the plane but, when the airlines started charging $25.00 a bag for luggage who can blame them.  My guess is that 75% of all passengers on these flights to and from Hawaii only have carry-on to save a few bucks. 50 pounds of carry-on in the cabin instead of the luggage compartment. Bad decision airlines. 

The plane is about 80% full and I have no leg room but I am getting used to that but still hate it.  .  Also packing our own snacks and meals now as none are available.  A grey-hound bus is more comfortable but limited high ways to Hawaii from California.  Half way to the west coast now that I have finished complaining. 

We arrived at LAX and all went well with luggage.  Our Fly Away Bus was full and the traffic in the airport was a mess.  Finally caught the Fly Away, drove home and arrived home just before midnight.  Tiny Tina was beside herself to have us home again. 

Glad we went on this trip to say goodbye to Libby’s brother but very good to be home. 




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Day 5, Sunday in Hawaii, Goodbye to Family, Ocean Colors, Trade Winds and Good Food

We said goodbye to our family who remain on Hawaii and we remember our loss as well.  Its always tough to say goodbye for good. 

It was our last full day on Hawaii.  We decided to stay right around the hotel and the ocean to soak in all of the things that we don’t have at home in the Desert.  The constantly changing colors of the ocean from multi hue-blues, turquoise, sea foam green and grey.  As we soak up the colors we simultaneously enjoy the trade winds with the smell of salt, flowers and the tropics.  I think we have all of those sensory inputs locked in hopefully till the next time we come here under happier circumstances.   hawaii hotel

Things will never be the same for us now when we visit Hawaii.  Libby’s brother will not be with us in body but will always be with us in our memories.  That is one of the ways that we all will continue in this world when we pass on is in the memories of our relatives and friends. 

Tonight we decided we were hungry for Italian food.  Yep, Italian food in Hawaii.  We went to eat at Mi’s Restaurant on the beach.   Supposed to be the best on the Big Island.


I do believe it was the best meal we have had in five days.  For me Cioppino filled with every kind of seafood in a tomato based sauce your can imagine.  So good.  Lib had her favorite Pasta Prima Vera, so creamy with a glass of wine and a shared Crème Brule.   All served right on the beach. 

The evening came to an end sitting on our veranda looking over the dark ocean.  Best way I can think of ending our last night on Hawaii and our final goodbye to a brother.



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Back Home Again

Ran out of gas writing on my blog the last couple of days of Hawaii.  We really had a great time and a good trip back home.  Great trip.

I have been thinking about how I am using this blog.  When I started it I though I would use it just trips that we take.  I will still do that but I think I will expand the definite of “Traveling Retired.”  Living every day for folks our age is a “trip” in itself. 

We we will see how this works out. 

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Hawaii 2012, Day 6 Tourist Day

2012-08-09 001 022

Yesterday was tourist day.  We left early from the North Shore and headed to Waikiki.  We spent some time in the Hilton Hawaiian Village where we saw this guy.  He looked like he might like to take a bit of flesh out of you if you got too close.

We tired the kids out and truthfully ourselves as well.   The concentration of places where one can spend your money is truly overwhelming.  Baby Olivia and Bailey had their own way of handling it.

2012-08-09 001 003 2012-08-09 001 004 2012-08-09 001 012

Long drive and great scenery but glad to be back at our condo.

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Hawaii 2012, Day 5

Its travel time today.  We are all are loading up after breakfast and driving to Waikiki for tourist stuff.  More on that later.

Yesterday was nice.  Jeff and I walked about 3 miles through the jungles along the beach to a WW II observation post.  Jeff had done a 2 mile run before that so he is staying in shape. 2012-08-06 002 019 The two mile runs are not in my vocabulary anymore at my age. 

The kids and grand kids headed out to the beach and rented a kayak and they spent a couple of hours exploring the beach and a fresh water river.  The sea turtles were everywhere and they had a great time;

After a rest, we all loaded up and drove down the coast to a small town and ate some pizza…you should have seen Bailey and Olivia and gobbling up slice after slice.  Growth spurt and lots of exercise.

Back home and a really nice day!

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Hawaii 2012 Day 3.2

Busy day!  Off to the west and a stop at Matsumoto’s shaved ice.  Obama stopped there a few months ago and I guess it is the most famous shaved ice place in the world.  Then up the road to the Dole pineapple plantation.  They have really improved that place of the year.  World’s biggest maze that Bailey loved.  Bought a pineapple right out of the field. 

We then stopped on the way home at the famous Ted’s Bakery.  It does have great bake goods but it’s the plate lunches that they stand in line for.  We bought our plate lunches and took them home and the meals were so large that we finished them up tonight.  Two meals. 

Then to the pool and a refreshing swim.  Jeff and Alexis took a four mile walk and saw the sea turtles and a large seal.  Then to grocery shopping.  Finally its getting ready for bed time.  A real tourista day.

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Hawaii 2012, Day 3.1

2012-08-06 002 023Slept all night with the trade winds blowing through the sliding door and the night birds singing.  Up at 6 a.m. and Jeff and I headed off on our walk to the beach and exploration of the surrounding area.  We found a colony of 7 feral cats by the beach.  They seemed to be healthy. 

We then came home and made breakfast sandwiches that we ate with fresh pineapples and papaya’s.  Talk about heaven on earth.  I decided that traveling has three phases;

  1. Traveling Young…40 and under…go at full speed and see everything possible and then2012-08-06 001 022 collapse and start over again the next day. 
  2. Traveling Middle…40-55..go full speed and see anything you can for about half of your day.  The rest of you day is kicking back and enjoying your improved affluence and what it bought you.
  3. Traveling Experienced…55 and beyond…smell the flowers, long leisurely walks, one tourist thing a day and if your grandkids are with you.  Enjoy them a lot. 

We are heading out to Dole plantation tourist stop this morning.  The smell of the flowers blowing in on the breeze is wonderful!

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