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Hawaii 2012…Day -9

Luke is back from Poland.  Marisa picked him up at LAX at 1125 pm and was home before 1am.  Alex was thrilled to see him this morning!  Its so neat to see the 6 year old so happy to see his Dad. 

Got a call from Alexis.  She and Jeff have been on Google maps and they think they have our Condo located.  They are ready…so ready…for the trip to begin.  The Fly-A-Way bus, plane, and finally the rental van will be an adventure for the kids.

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Hawaii 2012…Day -10

DSC_0036Our kids from Poland have been with us for nearly 6 weeks and unfortunately they are getting ready to head across Country to Pennsylvania for their sabbatical.  They are coming back for Christmas here though.  The house will be quiet as Alex, our 7 year old grandson, will not be waiting for me to get up at 0550 to mix up his chocolate milk and put on his favorite cartoons.

The quiet time will not last long as 5 days later, we are jumping on a plane for Hawaii with Jeff and his family.  We rented a 3 bedroom Condo on the North Shore of Oahu for 8 days.  The condo is on the golf course and next to a great pool and BBQ pit.  A 5 minute walk will put us on the beach with its sugar sand.  How do I know all of this?  These are the Condo’s we rented when Marisa and Luke got married in Hawaii 12 year??? ago.

house 12-24-2005 9-54-18 AMJeff approached me about 6 months ago and said that his family haven’t had a real vacation for 3+ years and would we be interested in joining them in Hawaii.  Of course that was a really hard decision!  We said,  “When and where.”  Bailey and baby Olivia are champing ocean with clouds 12-24-2005 9-54-30 AMat the bit but not nearly as much as Jeff and Alexis.

We drive down to Burbank and and hop the airport bus to LAX where we board a plane and see nothing but ocean for 5 hours.  We are all wondering how Baby O will handle the 5 hour flight.  Then, pick up our rented van and on to the Condo.

Enjoy Hawaii with us.

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