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Space Shuttle Thanked Antelope Valley


The space shuttle came home yesterday to the Antelope Valley where she was built.  She thanked the men and women who gave her life before she headed off to retirement in a LA museum. Libby and I joined 1000’s of people on Sierra Hiway yesterday to get these photos.


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Great Article on Retirement

A great article on retirement.  After 12 years of retirement, I would add “Stay healthy and interested.” Finally love the final quote on this article;  “Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty.”

The Case for Retirement

As has been stated in this space, last June 8th I worked my last day at Buchanan High School.  Actually, it was my last day of work anywhere.  Not counting working the two sessions at Michael Jordan Flight School in Santa Barbara.  Although that’s not really working since it’s the only time of the year I get to see old coaching friends from all over the country, e.g. Florida, Ohio and Louisiana.  Sure there’s a ton of responsibility but since each of us has done the job for over ten years, it’s more of a feeling of “Old Home Week” than anything else.

Then there’s also my baby gift business ( which would be considered work but, luckily, I have incredibly talented artists who do the real work.  I keep the books and come up with innovative ideas but it’s more fun than work.  More orders would be nice but that will come when the word gets out.  Note: That’s a hint for you to either order a gift or tell everyone you know about the business.  Or both.

The main reason for this blog is to speak on behalf of retirement.  If your working life has been managed right, there’s nothing like retirement.  My wife (who is retiring at the end of the calendar year) and I have been working over 40 years.  Each of us has a pension, as well as both of us having contributed to social security (I’ve lived in nine states and have to admit I thought everybody had social security withdrawn from their check – until I got to Fresno) and we saved money and made investments, some good, some bad.  Actually, some really good and some really bad.  If you were to follow that strategy, you’d be in the same financial shape we are, i.e. have enough money to continue living in retirement as you did prior to it.

Someone asked me just yesterday what I thought of retirement.  My response was that it is wonderful.  If there’s something you don’t want to do, you don’t do it.  If there’s something you want to do, go after it.  Once 2013 comes around, we’ll be traveling to Monterey to watch our son, Alex, play college basketball.  Every game.  Following the season, it’s “travel-time,” including the cruise we’ve been talking about for years.  Retirement is the ultimate freedom.

I asked our financial guy if we had enough money to live as we pleased and his remark was, “Sure.  As long as you die by December 15.”  Just kidding!  My wife gets a little antsy when I tell that story.

Here’s my advice:  Work hard.  Spend but also save and someday you’ll be wealthy.  At least wealthy enough to retire right.  Leo Rosten had the right idea:

“Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty.”

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Great to Be Home…Sad to Leave Them Behind

2012-09-10 17.31.53

Its  great to be back home…missed Libby lots but, it is tough to leave Dad and Mom.  89 years old for Mom and 94 for Dad.  The are still on their own and doing very well for their ages.   Love you Mom and Dad.

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Great Trip Home

On the bus to pick up my car.  Good trip.

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Mom’s Birthday, Minnesota 2012, Day 4

20120909_071238[1]Sunrise after rain showers last night and it got down to 49 last night.  Slept well as usual and had a breakfast of sausage and pancakes cooked by Brother Dave and Sister Connie.  Off on my morning walk and picked a Milk Weed Pod. 

Connie is cooking chili and fresh bread for lunch.  We are heading to Perham this morning to go to the Veterans museum to see a Greatest Generation show. 

Great trip to Perham.  The community has put together an outstanding museum.  Went fishing and caught a bunch of sun fish.

Days 5, 6 Friday and Saturday

20120909_071259[1]It got cool.  high 40’s at night and 70’s during the day.  Fish didn’t bite well but had lots of good food…sister Connie doing the cooking.  Lots of visiting.  What I unexpected.  Rog and Deb couldn’t make it to the lake as they were busy with work and church.  They did by a trailer(30 footer) for the lake so they will join their daughter and Connie and Dav’s family with trailers at the lake.

Abby…my niece and college student…came over in the afternoon and has a long visit and played cards with Dad and Mom.  I called Bailey to wish him happy birthday.

Day 7, Sunday


Headed home from lake and got here at 1045.  Mom was happy to be home.  Dave and Kathy got here with chicken for a visit for Mom’s birthday.  Great day over all.

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Heading for the Lake

Just finished breakfast and getting ready to pack the car.  Slept 9 hours last night.  

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Mom’s Birthday Minnesota 2012 – Day2

I got into Minnesota 25 minutes early and then rented a Ford Taurus .  The car has so many bell and whistles that before I got out of Minneapolis, I got pulled over by a HI way Patrol officer for…no not speeding…no taillights.  Between the officer and I we figured out how to put on the tail lights.   Every thing else worked fine.  Crazy, ever hear of a car that has its headlights on with out its tail lights?

Got to my hotel in Hutchinson in a light rain at 1 a.m.  All is well.

Up and ready to go by 8:30 am.

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