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Heading Home…Pennsylvania 2013

Heading home.  In airport

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Pennsylvania Trip 2013…Day 11

NJ12Our final full day in Pennsylvania.  Off toNJ4 church at 9 am and then we headed to New Jersey.  Certainly not the home of the Soprano’s where we went.  We drove just 20 miles from where Marisa lives and we “Crossed the Delaware” just as Washington did to attack the English.  When we crossed the Delaware, we were in French Town, New Jersey.  Gorgeous area. 

NJ16Had a great late breakfast.  Walked the Delaware trailNJ1 with Go-Go the Goat. And generally enjoyed ourselves. 

Got home and packed.  Great day!

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Pennsylvania Trip 2013…Day 10

Philbell19We had a busy day to see the Liberty BellPhilbell15 and all of history of the American revolution in Philadelphia.   Took us an hour and a half to get there as the “fools” are working on the roads causing a backup of at least 20 miles. 

We saw the cracked bell and then took a tour of the city center in a carriage pulled by a horse named Little John.  Had my Philly Cheese Steak, and then drove home through…the slums of Philly.  Saw full on burka’s in the Muslim district.  Freedom of religion.

Very educational day.PhilBell1


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Pennsylvania Trip 2013…Day 9

The kids are back from their conference in Orlando.  I picked them up last night at about 10 pm.  What a pain in the ….  The 50+ miles of freeway to the airport are under construction and at night…dangerous mess.  Got to the airport and then when they arrived I got lost and had to “go around” again.  Got home by 1130 at night.  Glad they2013-04-25 16.54.17 are back.  Alex was great for the three days we had him. 

Should be a quiet day today.  Marisa has to take Luke back to the airport today.  He has meetings in Atlanta for 5 days.  We are taking Marisa for her Birthday dinner tonight.  Her choice?  Red Robin.

Took a couple mile long walk today and have decided that the people here in Pennsylvania are just as unfriendly…stuck up?…as Poland.  Interesting.  Libby went with Risa to drop Luke off at the airport and they just picked up Alex.  Because it is Friday, he gets to play games on the IPad. 

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Pennsylvania Trip 2013…Day 8

A quiet day.  Woke up and the temperature was 29.  Brrrr.  Got the Alex ready for school and then headed back to the kid’s house for cleaning, cooking…cooking Italian Sausage for pasta tonight.  Libby washed clothes and I washed the dishes. 

The kids called and all was well and they were going to try to get a early flight home today. 

2013-04-22 18.12.17We had a really nice lunch at the a restaurant called Melodia.  Up scale.  Coconut shrimp for appetizer and sandwiches for main course. 

We took a short nap, got Alex from school, and then got a call from Jeff.  He had just finished his Physical Ed test for the Sherriff’s Academy. Did very well. 

Going to pick up the kids from the airport.  They are due in at 10 pm unless they get an earlier flight. 

Here is the pool at the YMCA where Alex takes his swimming lessons.

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Pennsylvania 2013…Day 7

It’s a clear Wednesday morning and we all slept well.  Got the big boy up and ready for school and then Lib and I headed off for the Keystone Diner for breakfast.  Definitely a retiree hangout this time of the day.  IMG_0009 (3)

We are going to visit this morning for the James Michener museum only 9 miles from here.  He was a very prolific writer that we grew up with his books including;  Hawaii, Centennial, Source, Texas, Alaska.

It was a gorgeous drive through the rolling hills from one valley to another.  The 9 miles were IMG_0010 (2)two lane roads with huge houses in the forests.  Arrived at the village with the museum and it was in the oldest part of town directly across from a castle.  Although theIMG_0002 (3) leaves are not completely out, the flowering bushes, tulips and daffodils are beautiful. 

We had a great time and headed for home for lunch and a short nap.

We just picked up Alex from school and now home work and dinner.  THEN to swimming lesson at the Y.  A busy little guy and therefore, busy grandparents.   

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Pennsylvania Day 5,6…2013

Two quiet but busy days in PA.  Yesterday we made breakfast and Marisa and LukeIMG_0004 showed the “old folks” how to get Alex ready for school, where to wait for the bus, where to pick him up from school, and his study routines.  The girls went out to shop and have lunch together.  I went on a 2 miles walk to get my bearings where their house is located.  Had a quiet evening at home. 

Today on the other hand…it started early.  I took the kids to the airport for their flight to Orlando Florida, 800 miles away.  They are going to be on a 3 day conference.  The 55 mile drive to the airport was relatively uneventful except for a horrible squalling noise in the front right brake that fixed itself…a branch of wood picked up on the freeway?

IMG_0001 (2)We got the boy to school.  Made breakfast and fell back into bed for another hour of sleep.  We did some grocery shopping and had lunch(dinner) at a Jewish Deli with an all you can eat pickle bar.  I was tasting garlic pickles for 6 hours. 

I am irritated!  Here were are in a sophisticated state Pennsylvania where gas is 70 cents a gallon cheaper, restaurant prices 25% lower, and a loaf of bread is 1/3 less than in California.  Important to fixed income retirees.  And we just keep voting in the same bunch of politicians year after year in California.  Guess we deserve what we get.

Alex is in bed.  We are getting sleepy and haven’t planned our day tomorrow except for breakfast in a famous old breakfast diner after we get the grandson on the bus. 



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